Customer support fail ***Updated****


I ordered my first pair of cameras and almost lost it over the delivery delay. I felt that Wyze was bumping their margin by charging for standard shipping but utilizing substandard service. Anyway, I finally got the products and quickly came to appreciated the price/value proposition. I am also currently waiting (more patiently) for my purchase of black units ordered 11/27.


@mdsalemi, I understand where you’re coming from. I can’t promise change but I will escalate this within the team for consideration.

@gsherman0011, we apologize for that delay! We’re glad that you enjoy you Wyze Cams and appreciate your patience and understanding. :slight_smile:


My last order was placed on the 27th
They were delivered today , That’s about a week And Normal for something From the West coast


Pays $26 for a camera and isn’t satisfied and wants it for $23. Not much you can do to please everyone. :man_shrugging::man_shrugging:


Mine arrived quickly, looks great and works like a charm. Now I am looking at my white one wondering if I should just grab a black magic marker…




If you wanted your cameras faster and more expensive, you can buy them on amazon. When I purchased my wyze cameras, I saw them on amazon for $25-30 each with “free” 2 day prime shipping.
It was still cheaper to get them directly from wyze, even after paying for shipping, and as it said “ground” shipping, they actually came faster than expected at just over 4 business days. If you think that waiting a week for your package to be delivered is bad, try buying something that comes by boat from china … 25-30 days isn’t uncommon for a camera direct from china, and they don’t work nearly as well as the wyze cameras do.


Amen speadie!


Agreed - I would like to see them charge $5-$10 more and keep growing this amazing ecosystem.


Yet, here you are :slight_smile:


You didn’t pay attention. I made ONE purchase from Wyze totally unaware that they shipped via UPSMI. They didn’t tell me that. I have made no further purchases, and wouldn’t using that method.

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Heh, AOL…

Anyways, it’s written here