Customer service is a joke!

I have been a customer from day 1 and have purchased about 60 items. For the most part all shipments are slow … but accurate. When there is a problem, it is now impossible to resolve. I have had this experience several times now. The company used for C/S in the Philippines seems to be the problem. They have stock answers that they read from a script. Telling them a shipment was shorted by two Pro light strips gets nowhere. Yes, I was told to take a picture of the missing items with my phone. When I asked if that made sense, I was told to take a picture of the one strip I did get. Really??? They just have no clue how to handle anything not on their script.

They tell you what you want to hear just to get you off the phone and so they can mark the call “handled” in the support queue. I guess they think this looks good to Wyze?

Wyze needs to take some of their new VC dollars and fix customer service quickly. Inexpensive products shouldn’t coincide with fourth rate C/S. An enterprise can only blame Covid for just so long.

In my case, when the replacement product never shows up, I will need to contest the charges with American Express. A real waste of time and extremely frustrating.

Buyer beware.


I would suggest calling customer support at (206) 339-9646.
Monday - Friday 4 AM – 8 PM PT
Saturday 8 AM – 4 PM PT

Also, do you have a ticket number for this current chat with support?


It wasn’t a chat. I called support as I always do. 844-999-3226. Yes, I have a ticket number. I think only once in the last year have I gotten a US based support person. Difference is like night and day. I think the offshore calls are handled by a third party company if I had to guess.

My point was/is this is not the first time I have had very poor customer support from Wyze. This time the dollars are large enough that I care. The schtick is always the same… take a picture and send it to us; then the same person never ever responds. The new person (if they respond at all) says we never got your picture… despite the fact that a photo of “whatever” is irrelevant to the issue at hand. They just keep kicking the ball down the road with no resolution. Wyse knows they have a problem both with customer service and fulfillment. If you watched the video sent out last month from Wyse’s founders, they mentioned both and how their recent infusion of capital was going to help correct both.

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Please send a DM to @Mods so we can ask for your case to be escalated.



I’m going to send this thread over to the head of support for review. But I can give a bit of insight into what you’re talking about here.

We encourage folks to use a script for consistency. This reduces the likelihood of a missed troubleshooting step or missing documentation. Here are a couple of examples for when this would come up:

  1. A customer is very tech-savvy and has spent a lot of time fiddling with their network and their device to get it online. But they forgot the old standard of checking for a firmware or app update. They thought they had automatic app updates turned on but didn’t. Because we took them at their word that they had an updated app, we missed that crucial step that would have solved the problem and wasted more of their time (a bad customer experience). I just saw a post in Core about how updating their app made their cameras work when nothing had been working for them for a month.

  2. A group of people start sending in fraudulent requests for replacements with the intention of selling them through a 3rd party like eBay. We miss the documentation of the MAC address of the camera they say needs replaced. This is now repeated and becomes a bigger issue instead of being caught the second time the MAC is submitted for replacement. Documentation allows us to continue serving everyone with easy replacements because fraud is decreased.

We understand that one-size-fits-all isn’t actually a real thing. But with hundreds of support agents, it creates a better customer experience for the general public if we give them consistent training and instructions. Our processes have been built over time to address real issues that were impacting our customers and the experience we were able to provide.

That said, we’re sorry to hear that you have not been having a good experience with us and it’s possible that the agent you were working with was supposed to do something else. I am happy to submit your support ticket number for a quality control review. It sounds like we may not be getting the photos you’re sending (leading to a further negative experience and support loops) so we definitely want to check that out. :slight_smile:


That is a nice write-up.

I went to my mom’s place. I had given her a camera. She said it wasn’t working, and she was correct. However, it was absolutely wyrking on my phone. While I was playing on her phone… her phone received a notification to update her google android software. I did that for her, and, then the Wyze cam started working on her phone.

All that was needed was an android update. For many people, there is no way they could figure out the problem.


Actually, using a “script” is a very common practice for all sorts of customer service, especially for technical support. I have no problem with that. I deal with inexperienced support engineers every day that rely on their “scripts” to help insure an efficient process. Scripts do help. The issue in this case is that the people using the script (or guide) don’t understand enough of the underlying technology to realize that a question they are asking makes no sense. Unfortunately, then the “script” just makes the process worse and actually irritating to the consumer (who likely does understand the difference between a V2, V3 or LED strip). In addition, it doesn’t appear that the staff in the Philippines has access to to actual backend order information. In my case, the call was not technical in nature, it was about an order error. The agent’s technical “script” wasn’t applicable.

It is really none of my business, but are the people in the the Philippines actual Wyze employees or part of a third party call center?

All I really want are my two 32’ light strip pros before the holidays. I expected them for Halloween.

Based on the video released last month by Wyze’s founders, it appears my issues with customer service and fulfillment are nothing new to Wyze. According to the video, they intend to invest their new capital in both areas. I made my point and I am going to move on.


This has already been addressed. “Shipping for 32.8ft is estimated to begin in November

So much drama, lol.

You make me laugh.

I have simply given up on Wyze support. I purchase via Amazon whenever possible so I can return non-working products more easily. Amazon has excellent customer service. Wyze makes human contact difficult and then cuts and pastes responses without apparently reading what steps the customer has already taken, creating a frustrating long-term ping-pong of unhelpful emails. The situations given above do not explain this situation IMO - if someone is “fraudulently” sending ONE camera back in order to “profit” by reselling it…? Makes zero sense to me. Where did the first camera come from and how can you profit on a $25 camera after you spend three days dueling with the Support Bots? That’s ridiculous

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You are 100% correct. I am stupid enough to reply to their email every other day that says " We haven’t heard back from you about your request #1566301. Please reply back to let us know if you are still having an issue or if you’re busy simply reply back when you have a chance." I have replied 9 times. Now we will take this to the next level. Have you tried calling their 206 area code. which in itself is a red flag.

I am contacting Amazon where I purchased it from, maybe they will assist. Then on to Amex. This company will not lat with poor customer service.

I always recommend buying through Amazon. Often the price is identical to a direct order. And don’t hang about getting new products up and running, so that you stay within Amazon’s return window. I’ve had pretty good luck with Wyze products but their customer service is a bad joke

Your spot on

Unfortunately buying from Amazon is just a Bandaid fix. Wyze needs to address the issues if they are going to take on the IOT industry long term. I believe management is already aware of how C/S is limiting real growth.

They have weird rationalizations. They worry about “scam returns” apparently? Did someone steal a truckload of product (otherwise how did they get it?) and was Wyze so “unwise” as to have no records to ID the stolen goods? Why not just have a no-question return/refund/replace policy? Customer pays shipping unless proven defective. Simple

And the obvious blunder of no reset on Outdoor cameras “to prevent theft”. Huh? No it doesn’t. It might prevent someone using it after stealing it, but it has zero antitheft function (unless the thief is a fellow Wyze sufferer :slight_smile:

Well … Wyze Support is still bad as bad can be . I haven’t ordered anything from Wyze since the release of the V3 camera ( Not happy with the poor quality/service and the direction this company is going) . I finally decided to order a Cordless Vac from Wyze . I odered on 11/2 and got an email back stating the following :

" We’ll get your order ready and shipped out within 1-3 business days unless your items are on preorder. If you preordered products, you can check their status here. Once your order leaves our warehouse, you’ll receive a shipping confirmation email with your tracking details, so you can follow its journey to you."

Went to check on my order online and it does not show up under my orders . So I called Wyze today and they had to contact order services . After a long hold time they came back and stated that order services does not know the status of the order and they have to contact the warehouse to get that information . I asked what happened to the 1-3 business day shipping and she stated she has no idea because this has to go through order services and that is all the information they gave her.
If I do not get a response to the status of this order by Friday I will call them to cancel the order . I should have used my better judgement and not ordered from Wyze .

I’ve seen posts pre-order is a separate system that Wyze dosen’t like. Has anyone called and talked to Support about your order?

I had to call CS today, and did at 4:30 pm central. I was on the initial hold for less than 30 seconds before someone answered. Told my issue that my fedex tracking number was not valid and got the ‘shipped’ email a week ago saying my order was shipped. The order pages stated my order was in picking, but also said it was shipped. After a second hold, this one lasted about 7 or 8 minutes, was told that my tracking number was actually for UPS not fedex and it had been shipped already. Now according to the UPS website my tracking number is held up somewhere, which sucks but at least I have some legit info to watch now. Good experience over all and got the answers to my questions. Total call length was about 13 and 1/2 minutes.