Custom Motion Detection Zone not working

When selecting the custom motion detection zone on my V3, objects moving outside of the selected squares still trigger an alert/event recording. Anybody else having this issue?

Wyze Cam v3 Firmware / Latest iOS App Version

The dark squares are the area that is “Blocked”/locations you don’t want movement detected, everything outside that area is fair game.

Yeah, I have the area I want motion to be in as the light squares and the dark squares as the areas I don’t want motion captured in.

If the “motion” occurring inside your no-detection zone causes any kind of light patterns or reflections within your Selected zone, that could be what is triggering motion detection. The cams use a pixel-change algorithm to detect motion as opposed to an infrared sensor. Headlights or reflections from, sunlight patterns, etc. will trigger motion detection without any actual physical object moving within your zone.
Try turning on Motion Tagging from the Cams main screen “More” menu and see what it is tagging as the detected motion.

I have the same issue. The motion being tagged is not contained in any of the selected boxes but continues to trigger my notifications. Very irritating.

Same issue here. Tagging is occurring in the dark blocked out areas and motion is being detected. Wyze Cam v3 Firmware / Latest iOS App Version.