Custom Chimes for doorbell

I’d like to see the ability to not only add custom chimes for the doorbell, but also maybe see some seasonal chimes added by Wyze, like howling for Halloween or sleigh bells for Christmas. Imagine the doorbell making a howling sound when the little critters come looking for candy!

Please Wyze! Should be easy to just let us upload custom mp3 sounds.


I’d like to to combine doorbell sounds, Especially a regular doorbell sound followed by the dog bark sound.


Please give users the ability to upload and use custom chimes for the video doorbell. This would be such a great feature!


It is urgent now to add this, wife is asking if the doorbell has the halloween sounds “Wyze” promised(yeah i know, all me!) already. LoL 911 here please! hahaha


Yes please! I need this! Honestly my wife just wants the chime to match the doorbell sound lol

I just wish there could be fun holiday themed sounds or music that would play to my guests when then ring my doorbell. Like say, some spooky music around Halloween, or some Christmas jams during the holidays.


Google’s Nest Doorbell does this around Halloween and it’s pretty cool. It would be fun to have the ability to play holiday themed chimes around the holidays.


+1 for this feature. Our current Nest Hello does this and it is a great feature. I would like to see Wyze offer a selection of themed chimes (like Nest does) and also an option to upload a custom sound.

Please! I would love some seasonal options right now! I also second the combination of doorbell sounds and the dog bark, great way to make the impression of a dog in the home more realistic.