Critical Alerts on iOS and Wyze Sense to Alert through Do Not Disturb/Sleep mode

The capability to create a DND exception for Wyze app notifications already exists under Android. What device and OS version are you trying to set this up on?

The DND override that is requested is for the iOS (Apple) system. Lucky Android users.


I’m not sure there’s much Wyze can do other than petition for recategorization of their app. If you’re jailbroken and running iOS 11+, you can load a notification tweak like DNDAllow.

Moto G6 on Android Pie
Iphone 7, 8, X on various iOS

Ring now has critical alerts. Surely Wyze is allowed now?

In order to do any kind of home security, or any security at all, this needs to be implemented. And if Ring now has it, Wyze can have it too, someone at Wyze just needs to make the request at Apple.

Don’t hold your breath on this one Chaz, it doesn’t seem that they have any plans after all this time.