Critical Alerts on iOS and Wyze Sense to Alert through Do Not Disturb/Sleep mode

iOS 12 added something called “Critical Alerts” that allows alerts from certain apps to come through even if the phone is in Do Not Disturb mode or silent mode… which is CRITICAL for an alarm system, or if our baby crawls out of his crib at night, etc.

Here is info on the setting that would have to be added to the Wyze app to make that an option:

And some write-ups on what it is:

Will Wyze be adding that feature to the app so that users can be alerted if someone is breaking into their house while they are asleep? We have our iPhones go into DND mode every night after 10pm say and then come out of DND mode at say 6:30am. So, if there are any alerts that are not coded to Critical Alerts, we will not be notified while DND is on.

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Hello @chaz, as an iOS dev myself this would be a great thing to have implemented but due to Apple strict restrictions this wouldn’t be approved.


Really? They only allow it for Health apps currently? Is that the deal?

If that’s the case, I guess we’ll need to request (petition?) that they open that up for security apps as well.

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Actually… they do have a dedicated form that you can request that they open it up for you and it doesn’t appear to only be for Health related apps anymore… so it might be worth a try:

Got that link from this article:

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Hey, did anybody get this to WYZE folks to see if they could get “critical alert.” entitlement for IOS app?

It’s particularly important now that WYZE has motion detectors and sensors.

For example, if I’m sleeping, and have DO NOT DISTURB set on my wife’s and my iPhones, if a bad guy opens a window or walks in front of my MOTION Detector, I’d like to be able to have an ALERT break through DO NOT DISTURB

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Did anybody at WYZE try to get an approval?

With motion detectors and sensors hitting the market, having the ability to receive a “CRITICAL ALERT” would be a great feature. I don’t want telemarketers calling me at 10:30 but if a bad guy opens a window, I really, really want an alert to break through my IOS DO NOT DISTURB.

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You could try setting up an IFTTT that would send you an sms when motion is detected and make an exception for the sending number.


Is there an option for “Critical Apps” with android? I too would like the app to work like favorite contacts and sent notifications even in do not disturbed mode. Any options or recommendations on how to get this done?

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ive been waiting on this for android as well. I meant to make a post and kept forgetting when I am off duty.

android lists pretty much ever app on your phone for the DND option, I still haven’t figures out why Wyze isn’t listed. something tells be its because of a label type for the app itself and thus its not seen as a notification app, kind of how a IR remote app( if your phone had the capabilities) wouldn’t show up in the list for apps that can be set to notify in DND, but that is only a guess.


I tried doing this but Wyze won’t load the authorization page. Will update if I get it to work.

UPDATE: I did end up getting it to work but because there are very limited options still on IFTTT (no person detection would be most important to me) I ended up waking to the alarm of passing cars (headlights would illuminate the house and trigger the motion detection in pan camera) or every lightning through the storm last night.

After setting up IFTTT, I added a contact called ‘IFTTT’ for the number that I was getting sms from, added a text tone with ‘Emergency Bypass On’ and started receiving texts that went through even though ‘Do Not Disturb’ was on, so it was successful.

I guess I’ll have to wait for either Wyze to update list of triggers on IFTTT or for them to get ‘Critical Alerts’ approved by Apple (I know which one would be easier lol).