Critical Alerts for iOS to bypass Do Not Disturb mode

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I have an important request for usage of Wyze cameras. The most useful time I can think of having my cameras is at night, when someone is most likely to break in a home. Because we also need a good nights sleep, Do Not Disturb mode is a welcome function on iOS, problem is that I do want to get notified if someone breaks in my home. With that said, iOS 12 introduced what they call ‘Critical Alerts’, which could be extremely useful to get these very important notifications. Now, for Wyze to implement that, they have to request this functionality into their app directly to Apple, which is what this request is about.

But there is a workaround, using IFTTT to send SMS and bypassing ‘Do Not Disturb’ by adding ‘Emergency Bypass On’ to the contact’s info. Problem is there are too few triggers available right now, Person Detection being what I need.

There is another post, not inside #Wishlist though, that discusses this very issue and some ways to workaround it. Check it out at:

For the IFTTT part, please see this #wishlist topic:

Add even more IFTTT triggers + actions

Note, however, that IFTTT has deprecated the SMS functionality.

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This request was not solved through IFTTT as there is no option for person detection alert. So the issue still stands and I would like to see any solution for the future.

I don’t know if anyone else has put this idea out or not. So here’s my idea, the option to select for the notifications to override the “ do not disturb” option on iOS.

This would be a valuable option to use if using the camera in a nursery, or any where else when you need to be awakened at night to see what the movement was. I understand that the AI is going to be temporarily unavailable but when it comes back on board this override option would be great. In my opinion what do y’all think?

The Wyze needs to be able to breakthrough Do Not Disturb mode so that users who opt for it can get notifications while the phone is in this mode (ie so I can get notifications while I am sleeping and ignoring my calls)

The capability to create a DND exception for Wyze app notifications already exists under Android. What device and OS version are you trying to set this up on?

The DND override that is requested is for the iOS (Apple) system. Lucky Android users.

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I’m not sure there’s much Wyze can do other than petition for recategorization of their app. If you’re jailbroken and running iOS 11+, you can load a notification tweak like DNDAllow.

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