Crime caught on a Wyze Cam (Found on Web)

Ambush, shots fired

Mod Edit: Replaced uploaded video with link to an external source just to keep it within guidelines.

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Happened just a couple of days ago.
Definitely planned. At first I thought it was an accident, but it wasn’t. The guy was stalking the house, waited till she left, pulled behind her to block her exit, jumped out and fired 8 shots. After the lady returns she keeps screaming that she was shot.
Terrible stuff. Hopefully the lady is okay (lived) and the video helps in some way.

Did a bit of google fu and:


Well, at least they confirmed that she didn’t sustain life-threatening injuries.
They must not have listened to the end of the video, because they said it wasn’t clear if she was hurt, but she is clearly screaming that he shot her, that she’s been shot and the witness keeps screaming about it too.
Well, it’s good to hear there’s not a death involved.

Wow, thats crazy. Also I need a gun.