Credit card needed to activate my CamPlus

I am so frustrated. I bought the V3 Cam with a year of CamPlus, but I can’t activate it without using a credit card. Support basically said ‘Sorry, can’t help you’ - I asked for a refund - ‘Nope’. I feel like I’ve been a victim of fraud, because I know they’ll auto-renew the subscription. I’m tempted to send everything back, but in the meantime I’ll be filing a complaint with whatever agencies I need do.


Welcome to the forums! Did you get a code for it? Did Support send you a ticket number after you interaction with them? Have you gone to Wyze Services and tried to redeem the code, if you got one? Are you talking about the camplus popup for the trial/camplus info screen when you install a new camera is where you need the CC #?

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I got the code, tried to redeem it and it asks for a credit card. I’ve already purchased the subscription and I also have a ticket number from support. The support person said that I cannot redeem my code without inputting a credit card.