Credit card info on CAM+ not working

I just got the email about “pay what you want” for person detection and it prompted me to make the decision to subscribe to CAM+

When I sign up, it won’t accept my credit card information - I’m in Canada. I tried postal code both with and without the middle space (this is a common mistake programmers make, not parsing out or else making the space mandatory). So it doesn’t seem to be that. Can you confirm that payments from Canadian cards can be accepted?

I believe it is payments with a billing address outside the conterminous United States will not be accepted.

I have subscribed to CamPlus (service) 2 months ago without issues. We have 2 choices for the country: USA and Canada. I live in Canada.

If you try to buy something, we don’t have the Canada option.

Edit: paid with mastercard.

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Is this through the app or website? Have you tried both?

Try useing PayPal. It seems to work for others.

I later got messages from Mastercard that the payment was being blocked. Called them and they said it was flagged as suspicious. They approved it and I retried. Failed again. They went offline a minute, then said that there was a second block triggered and I had to answer a bunch of security questions. They said this only happens if there is a high level of doubt - unsure why Wyze is such a risk concern for them, seems like they need to reprofile.

The payment went though, though the completion of the transaction was odd, it didn’t seem to definitively say I’d purchased the Camplus. To the point I was about to go through the purchase again, then fortunately it showed a message about current services I’m subscribed to. The transaction completion message could use some work.

And yes, I’ve noticed the lack of options to “pre-buy” announced product for us Canadians, I hope that changes soon.
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Good job @kgouldsk You are now the expert! :maple_leaf: