Create timelapse from previously recorded video

I’d like the ability to make a timelapse of video that is already recorded (for those of use using continuous recording). For instance I would want to be able to set a start and end time and export a timelapse of that section.

We’re planning on that for later, actually! I don’t know where we’re at in the process but this is definitely in our roadmap. :slight_smile:


What’s the status on this?

Just chiming in here! I think this would be a great feature to have. I look forward to a future update!

Great feature that I am looking forward to.

I would definitely love this feature, especially if there was an option to automatically generate a full day time-lapse daily. I think this is a feature on some competing cams.

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Agreed. It would be a very nice feature.

This would be a nice feature to have if possible! It was one of the features my Dropcams/Nest cams had that I liked, especially if I didn’t think about setting up the time lapse before I worked on some project in view of my cameras.

any update on it?

#wishlist topics can have one of three tags, “Probably-not”, “Maybe-later”, and “Researching”. If this topic changes to “Researching”, then that means it is on Wyze’s radar. It it goes forward, it would then move to the #roadmp category with the tag, “In-development”. Please see this if you would like more information on how #wishlist and #roadmap work. :slight_smile:

Please read through How to Use the Wishlist and How to Read the Roadmap .

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Based on @WyzeGwendolyn’s earlier post in the thread, it seems like it should say “Researching,” right? Or maybe I don’t understand the tags very well. Haha.

The “maybe-later” seems accurate to me based on that comment. :slight_smile:

I suppose. I guess I imagined “maybe later” as a little more dismissive or something. Haha. It seems like a lot of far-fetched ideas end up getting the “maybe later” tag. I figured if it’s something they’ve actually talked about in meetings and hope to do at some point in the future, it would say “researching.” But like I said, I guess I might not understand the exact implications of the tags. :slight_smile: