Create one shortcut / rule with multiple conditional triggers

Would like to be able to create a shortcut with multiple automation triggers. Example presently I have two shortcuts for a bulb . One shortcut turn the bulb on and the second turns the bulb off. Would like to able to do this in one shortcut. I guess would say I would like to be able to use multiple event/time automations in one shortcut.

I believe I used the wrong wording in my request. I would like to have multiple triggering evetns/times in the shortcut (i.e. turn the light on at 7:30 am and turn the light off at 9:00 am and the ideally turn the light back on at 7:00 pm and turn the light off at 9:45 pm) Note : sunrise and sunset options in the time would be great.

For sunrise/sunset time triggers, hop over to and VOTE for this topic: Sunset, sunrise (dusk, dawn) trigger for shortcuts

I think it would be highly useful to have the ability to perform a task if sets of conditions are met. For example:

If the garage door is up + It’s after 9p, then send me a text.
If the jewelry safe is open + the garage door opens, then send me a text.
If all contact sensors are closed + there is motion in the hall, then turn on all my lights.


Here’s the situation I have and would like a set of rules under a single label (not 4+ separate actions):

if (Closet Sensor is Open)
   Turn On Closet Bulb
   if (Time is between 9pm-8am)
      Set Closet Bulb Brightness to 3%
      Set Closet Bulb Brightness to 100%
else (Closet Sensor is Closed)
   Turn Off Closet Bulb

Right now that relatively simple, and popular, action is 4 rules… per closet. A stackable if/else system within a single rule would be nice, similarly to how IFTT works… without the 8 second delay.


I moved your post over here to this more directly relevant topic. Note that it is “in development”.

I’m curious: are you implying that IFTTT already lets you do if-then-else type of rules? That would be a new one on me.