Crackling during playback

I just provided all the information the support wanted. Still, it is seen as a “casual” issue so it is a little disappointing. Hope we can lable this thread as resolved one day! :slight_smile: @WyzeGwendolyn

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I appreciate the update and hope we’ll be able to update this as resolved someday, too. :slight_smile:

This is happening to me as well. Any updates on this issue?

Also what program are people using to hear on computer? I can see the video but no sound tried VLC player. Do I need a plugin or extra audio codecs?

They have said it wasn’t important. Sound is terrible on these. They obviously don’t care or can’t fix it. We started buying some other cameras for testing. I’ll report back so you can stop buying these.

Switching out to high endurance sd card as suggested by another member didn’t work for me either. It happens across all cameras that I own with different as cards. This issue has neither been acknowledged nor fixed by wyze.

Does anyone have an ongoing case with wyze ?

It’s $25 USD - do folks expect quality components? Has anyone taken one apart? I have. The Wifi antenna is, what, 3/4 - 1 inch. And check out the mic and speaker : )

To be fair, Wyze doesn’t spec, design, build their cams. It’s a cam built in China and Wyze licenses them and writes software for it. The other thing to keep in mind is these are not classified as a “security cam”.

Wow, not really sure where your head is. I NEVER said I didn’t like the cameras, I never tried to bad mouth them - this is a user board!

THE PROBLEM ISN’T THE SOUND! The problem is that IT USED TO WORK PERFECTLY! Three updates ago (or two) the sound became unintelligible. Everyone who cares about this company or its products (and I know I accounted for at least 100 cameras being sold) is upset because this could/should have been an easy fix if they would have decided to care! (And don’t tell me it’s not that easy! I’ve been writing software since 1967!)

Next time you defend . . . know who you defend and the issues. Please, if nothing else, when you vote for your government leaders, know of what you speak!


Then it would be easy to troubleshoot.

Go back to the fourth previous update (I don’t see that you specified f/w or the app) and install that and see if the issue goes away. If yes. then obviously an update introduced the issue.

Personally, the sound quality has always been subpar, no matter what f/w version or app version.

Not happy with these cameras. I have two that i purchased this year. They both crackle and did not when they were first purchased. I too agree that it seems like a firmware issue and honestly with as many people that are seeing the same issues i am kind of blown away that this has not been addressed. Thankfully i don’t rely on them yet and it seems like i won’t be able to rely on them either.