Crackling during playback

Hi, @WyzeGwendolyn @MarsLikeThePlanet
I have the Wyze V2 cam. I’m hearing crackleing during playback on iPhone XS (iOS 12.0) I’m recording continuous to sd card. There’s no crackle in live stream or motion alerts saved on the servers. I’ve tried two SD cards with the same result, using SanDisk SDSQUAR-032G-GN6MA 32GB Ultra microSDXC UHS-I Memory Card- 98MB/S, C10, U1, Full HD, A1, Micro SD Card.

Viewing the same video directly on my laptop doesn’t produce the crackle but, is substituted by a high pitch noise which sounds better than the crackle.

Has anyone else experienced this ? / knows of a solution to this ?

Device model: WYZEC1-JZ
Firmware version:
iOS version: iPhone11,2__12.0
APP version: 2.0.21

Sorry to hear about this, salzafar! Could you please give me a video example of this? I personally haven’t run into it yet.



Have you tried to make a recording during playback when this sound is present? Does the crackling get recorded? If the crackling can be reproduced in the recording, it may help to send both in to @WyzeGwendolyn

Hi @WyzeGwendolyn thanks for responding…I replied to the email generated with Wyze Ticket 166798…it has both attachments one recorded from playback 13s (crackle is recorded). The other is 12s event of the same time (no crackle). Is that sufficient ? @OverWatch

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@salzafar SanDisk are not the best cards for continuous recording. they gained a lot of popularity during the digital point and shoot camera boom and are great for that use but do have some issues with continuous read/ write in things such as dashcams. I haven’t run into this particular issue but many fairly similar with small playback jumps, odd sounds being made and random glitches in audio and video on another continuous recording format( not a wyzecam) I don’t know for sure that your problem is the cards and the odds of it being on 2 different cards are extremely low I would think. but I would look into some high endurance cards made for continuous recording. I currently use a higher end Samsung card and a trancend high endurance card in my 2 V2’s.

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I sent you a response through the support system. Thank you for your patience! The videos were perfect. :slight_smile:


I bought it through amazon, they sent me a replacement. I encountered the same issue with the replacement cam today. Maybe it’s the incompatibility of the SD card ?

It’s strange that two camera’s and two different SD cards encounter the same problem.

What’s the engineers take on this ? Which card
32 gb or 64 gb cards have been tested with this camera ?

@Bam is Samsung also high endurance ? can you share the models for the cards ?

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@salzafar glad to help. I figured I would show the card and model. hope this helps a bit.

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I’ll keep responding to you through our support. Thanks for telling me about this new info! That is odd.

I have the same problem. I just bought four Wyze cams. Two different types of SD cards. All cams have clicking sounds and audio distortion during playback from local SD card. But the audio during live stream and listening to events sound find. Any fix?

That is strange. Have you contacted our customer support team? They would be better equipped to help you than I am.

Submit a request – Wyze

Hi Ricorad,

I worked with Wyze to troubleshoot the issue, I even tried a different cam. My conclusion is incompatibility of the SD cards. I haven’t had the chance to try “high endurance cards” as suggested by another member in the thread.

Thank you for the reply. Did you ever find an SD card that didn’t give these problems?

hi! I am new to the Wyze products. I noticed this problem too. i’d like to restart the subject. Have any of you guys found the solution to this? The sound seems to be badly recorded. I also have Sandisk microSD cards. Is the brand really makes a difference?


Edit: Just took the SD card from the camera and read the files on my PC. The continuous recording is split into 1 minute files. The cracking sound is not there. I believe this could be an iOS problem. This could be confirmed by Android users. The good news is that I think it is fixable and not related to the SD cards. Both Lexar and Sandisk has the issue.

iPhone XS max on iOS 13.2.3
Wyze Cam Pan
App version: 2.6.62