Couple late night Canid visits

We’ll know he’s changed if he won’t tell us what they told him not to say. If we can’t crack him, we’ll start on @IEatBeans .:hammer_and_pick:


You brought it up…

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You keep a copy of that in your overalls, doncha! Always prepared! :laughing:

Did I tell you I almost knew Steve Martin? Not quite but almost. :man_shrugging:

Had to change it back. Didn’t like the way it looked.

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Actually no…I had to find the other post and steal it

I saw Steve Martin right about the time the ‘Wild and crazy guys’ were on SNL

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Lucky! The 80s had their days… :slight_smile:

We were waiting for Steve to start the show, and some guy came in dressed like that. Did the motions and all. Then a little later another guy came in dressed like that. Then there were 5 or 6 of them down on the floor doing the ‘wild and crazy guys’ bit. This was at the Arena in St. Louis, also known as ‘The Barn’.

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