Countdown timer for smart plug

If countdown available, One main use that I would use them for that I did not mention.
For activating a light when a sensor triggers at night. Would like
To trigger light when sensor fir security is triggered. But go off after time frame that I set.

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Sorry, I meant to reply to this earlier. Yes, the plugs have a countdown timer. If you’re curious about other features and/or products, you could look at the support pages.

I am not sure if this was already mentioned but…

I do something similar… I have a plug powering some lights in my garage and Alexa instead of Google Home. I have the device setup in Alexa so all I have to say is “Alexa, turn on Garage.” Then in the Wyze App, under Rules -> Device Triggers, I have the plug set to turn off after 30 mibutes.

In your situation, you would name your plug Hot Water, or put it in a group named Hot Water within Google Home. Then set a device trigger to turn it off after 3 minutes.

I am thinking of adding another plug to disable the Garage Door Opener at night.

Thanks for link to support pages. I had looked at those.
However all the words about schedules etc mention specific time of day I.e. 0800 type. Rules also talks about specific time of day.
Did not easily indicate to me that a number of units or time elapsed is an option.

With Rules you can set a specific time of day to turn on/off notifications or with a single shortcut turn on/off

You should be looking at Device Triggers, not Schedules. You can set it to turn off based on the status of the plug. You don’t need an external device to trigger this. They don’t cover this in the support pages.

Try it in the App.

check out these two images:

Thanks that helps.
Could not see anything in manuals, support that shows that option.
Could not see in app, as have cams but no plug yet…
And did not want to get plugs without that option.

This makes plug much more useful for many of applications.

Since it appears to be there? This discussion should probably be switched to tips section not wish list. Or maybe wish list is for more details or examples in manual online…

I have a light connected to Wyze plug that will come on when a sensor, attached to my garage door, is “opened” and then turns off after 1-1/2 minutes. I did this by setting two rules. One, the sensor triggers the plug to turn on. Two, the plug triggers the plug to turn “off” after it has been “on” for 1 minute - 30 seconds (or how ever long you want).

It is a good feature and glad that wyze is including it. They might want to make it a feature in any instructions and as bullet of features on sale literature. Device triggers on some devices do not always include an amount of time option. (Only specific times) So mentioning it would be good. Glad wyze has it.
I know many who use or want it. Like your use, it comes in very handy.

I want to do something similar but only when motion is detected on the camera. The rule states that between these hours, if a person is detected, to turn on the lights. I would like the lights to go out after a certain time but only when triggered by the motion. Otherwise, if I turn them on normally, they should be switched off with switch.

Would like a “momentary on” option for your smart plug. Activate smart plug on and then after a set time turns off. Possibly a timer setting but with the option to make it permanent reoccurring setting. Home automation applications.
Thank you!!

Would like an option to have a seconds timer option. For example, I would like to set my plug to turn on for 10 seconds every 30 minutes to an hour to water my indoor plants hydroponically. This quarantine is bringing me to some fun home farming projects!

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I have a wyze plug connected to a siren. The plug is triggered by my motion sensor. It would be nice to have a timer that turns off the plug after 3 minutes (or a definable period of time). If I’m not home I don’t want the siren bothering the neighbors till I arrive home again to turn off

I’d like to be able to turn a plug on or off via IFTTT for a set amount of time. My use case is critical (opening a valve to drain water in my lines after I shut off my main water via Flo), so I’d prefer to not have to use web logic to close the valve after the set amount of time.

Ability to set the plug to Auto Off after a set amount of time the user choses “Whenever” plug turns on. Right now you can only set it turn off at set interval or set time of day. But it would be nice for it to be able to set it to turn off automatically after a set period of time WHENEVER it turns on. So say coffee maker is plugged into it. It would be nice to set it to turn off 1 hour, 2 hours, etc from anytime the time the switch turns on.

I would like the timer to be triggered when manually turned on with the button. It should be a countdown timer that is allowed to be set up through the app and the trigger set by manual button. Of course, you should be able to disable the timer triggered by manually turning through the button as well for those that don’t want auto shut-off. Basically, it should be a schedule, but not for a specific time, but for a length of time and trigger is the manual button on or off and have it auto on. TP LINK Kasa plug does this under timer control.

I am planning to use smart plugs at company for counting scale which it operates by lead acid battery. The unit it self does not auto shut off when battery fully charged. Most of our employees are keeps forgetting to unplug the charger before they leave so the units are always over charged. We had to deal with life shorten battery.

The common issues with battery life span is over charged.

I would like to have smart plug triggers a timer automatically so we can save our old fashioned equipment. This will be good idea for most equipment operating by NiCd batteries. This will be good use for Walkie talkie charging station as well.

The Smart Plugs have a timer that you can set such that someone clicks on the button on the plug, it will turn-off after x amount of time. You just need to schedule it when “Plug A” is turned on for “X hours” turn off. I do this now with a piece of equipment and it works flawlessly.

What are the smallest amount of time?? Minutes or seconds??