Countdown timer for smart plug. With ability to use google to turn plug on for an entered number of minutes

If countdown available, One main use that I would use them for that I did not mention.
For activating a light when a sensor triggers at night. Would like
To trigger light when sensor fir security is triggered. But go off after time frame that I set.

Sorry, I meant to reply to this earlier. Yes, the plugs have a countdown timer. If you’re curious about other features and/or products, you could look at the support pages.

I am not sure if this was already mentioned but…

I do something similar… I have a plug powering some lights in my garage and Alexa instead of Google Home. I have the device setup in Alexa so all I have to say is “Alexa, turn on Garage.” Then in the Wyze App, under Rules -> Device Triggers, I have the plug set to turn off after 30 mibutes.

In your situation, you would name your plug Hot Water, or put it in a group named Hot Water within Google Home. Then set a device trigger to turn it off after 3 minutes.

I am thinking of adding another plug to disable the Garage Door Opener at night.

Thanks for link to support pages. I had looked at those.
However all the words about schedules etc mention specific time of day I.e. 0800 type. Rules also talks about specific time of day.
Did not easily indicate to me that a number of units or time elapsed is an option.

With Rules you can set a specific time of day to turn on/off notifications or with a single shortcut turn on/off

You should be looking at Device Triggers, not Schedules. You can set it to turn off based on the status of the plug. You don’t need an external device to trigger this. They don’t cover this in the support pages.

Try it in the App.

check out these two images:

Thanks that helps.
Could not see anything in manuals, support that shows that option.
Could not see in app, as have cams but no plug yet…
And did not want to get plugs without that option.

This makes plug much more useful for many of applications.

Since it appears to be there? This discussion should probably be switched to tips section not wish list. Or maybe wish list is for more details or examples in manual online…