Cordless Vacuum

You should be notified with a tracking number when it ships

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Mine arrived yesterday (9/3) from my June 1st pre-order. This vacuum is fantastic, y’all! This is the accompaniment I needed for routine vacuuming alongside the daily cleaning done by the Wyze Robot Vacuum I also purchased on pre-order. Spent the day cleaning with the new cordless vacuum, and impressed with how much dirt it collects even AFTER a run with my Kirby (bye bye, Kirby.) Wyze keeps knocking it out of the park with their strategic product partnerships, and the new cordless vacuum builds on that (based on my first impressions.)

Y’all who are complaining about waiting should really wait until items are actually stocked and skip the pre-order. Delays are are natural part of product rollout. Oh yeah, it’s not like there’s been a logistical nightmare and shortages from a pandemic, or anything :roll_eyes:


Thanks. Is there an estimate to when these will ship for June 1 preorders?

They have started shipping (currently at 14% shipped) and they are awaiting more inventory to continue. Weekly there is an update email sent out (not everyone seems to receive then), it’s also posted weekly in the #news area of the forum.

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Why has no one made a video review of the vacuum yet? Normally there are a good 5+ by this point! Haha. If anyone can make one, would love to see it!

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Got my stick vacuum and happy with it for 2 weeks, now it suddenly lost suction power and almost useless. I took at closer look and I think maybe there is an O ring around the cap at the opening may be missing now because I see a gap that allows air to go in there. I think that O ring may have been lost when emptying the sucked up trash.
To Wyze support: If I am correct is it possible to send me the O ring? If not I might have to just return the product.
I have few more comments about the design to be shared later.

This is primarily a user-to-user forum. Wyze support does not monitor this forum. Please call Wyze Customer Support for assistance:

Wyze Customer Support: (206) 339-9646
Available Monday - Friday 4 am - 8 pm PT
Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT

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Ya that’s just it. Its impossible to get anything from Wyze as far as answers or parts . Everytime I try to ask ,
"when will I get my Cordless Vac " I always get robot and or redirected. I can’t get any answers what so ever!

OH BY THE WAY STILL WAITING for the Cordless Vac!!!

You ordered it on pre-order, what did you expect? Prime next-day? LMFAO

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Weekly status updates for all preorder items are located in the News section:

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I’d recommend cancelling your order and buying a Dyson for $400. You will get it in two days.

C’mon man, what did you expect preordering? Just be patient…

On 6/1, I pre-ordered the vacuum + extra filters. Right after ordering, I assisted a friend in pre-ordering just the vacuum. Her vacuum arrived Thursday last week, while I still wait. So either my order was further delayed due to the included preorder of extra HEPA filters, or they aren’t fulfilling 1st day preorders in the exact order they were received,

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Same thing. My dad and I both ordered ours at approximately the same time on 6/2. I ordered the extra HEPA filter but he did not (I told him I’d give him one of the 2 I ordered). We live in the same zip code so it isn’t a regional thing. I can only assume it is because they don’t want to ship the HEPA filters separately. He told me I could come borrow his (to vacuum HIS floors! haha).

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If you go to the order page from a desktop / laptop, there is a cancel button in the upper right corner . You could probably do that to get your money back. Me, I’m waiting to save the $300 bucks.

If support ever pick up the phone I wouldn’t have to post here!

I ordered 3 days after the release and just got my shipping notification! So excited!

I got my cordless vac from pre-ordering today and the brush head doesn’t work at all. The vac works great but the brush doesn’t spin and there’s no LEDs. It’s like there’s a power issue somewhere in the attachments, even though they are firmly connected. Pretty disappointed after waiting so long to receive this. I’m sure I’m going to have to wait ages to get a replacement or repair now due to their supply issues.

I just tried mine out, works pretty well. But, I emptied the dust bin and now it won’t stay closed. The latch is very loose so it opens with a gentle shake. I guess I’ll have to return it, I can’t have the dustbin opening randomly while I’m vacuuming. Oh, well. It also has a very strong plastic/rubber smell coming from the unit while vacuuming, but I expected that from the PC Mag review.

I had this problem, too, and I realized it’s because the black rubber tab part of the top of the HEPA filter wasn’t seated properly. It made the bin not close properly and pop open.

Also I ended up taking apart my vacuum and found out that a wire became desoldered from the accessory pins. Easy fix with my soldering iron but I would imagine others would just ask for a return/replacement as to not void any warranty.

After fixing everything I’ve run it through a full battery cycle twice now and I’ve not noticed any strange smells. It’s pretty effective at hard surfaces including getting Tidy Cats off my concrete basement floor.