Cordless Vacuum Ship Date

All of that is understandable. Most of us are frustrated with the lack of updates from Wyze. I am still being patient. If i had not found this thread and saw the updates posted here I would have cancelled my order. Keeping everyone in the loop does not require excessive resources to accomplish. The other day I recieved another worthless advert about the 50% off discount on the Wyze cam service. Nothing about my order though, since my invoice e-mail.


It seems they did just start a forum specific to the Vac and are posting updates there.

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Thank you for this.

The communication could have been a little better. But man, there are LONG lead times for everything now. My job has been told 12 weeks for motors to be shipped, among other things. Unfortunately it’s a sad time in our economy. It might be a while.

Exactly this. To date, I have received zero updates on the status of my pre-order. I’ve double-checked everything in my email to make sure it wasn’t rejecting anything or putting it in spam. They just aren’t sending me anything.

You can always find the latest pre-order info near the top of the Wyze News section of this forum. The info conveyed in the Wyze News section is identical to what is sent via email:


If I ordered on june 10th when will I get my vacuum?

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I too am waiting for my Cordless Vacuum. Here is the latest from the regular emails we receive from Wyze Jimmy:

Note, you can also get this from the News Forum located here: Preorder Shipping Update #39 Week of 9/1/2021

I am not getting these emails. I forgot I even order this but I found my order when i was looking for a receipt. How do I get this email?

They are supposed to come automatically if you have a pre-order.

Use the link in the previous item to check.

Also, not sure if this helps but if you go to the app , Account, Notifications, and turn on the In-App Notifications for New products and Deals and News & Updates

Have you rec’d your Cordless Vacuum yet? My pre-order was on June 4, 2021. We are almost in mid-Sept. and I still haven’t heard from Wyze when mine will be shipped. There web-site said shipping in August. Company hasn’t been all that transparent in communicating with their customers on updating their shipment status. I do get plenty of their advertisements via emails. I won’t be purchasing any other of their products until I get my cordless vacuum. I don’t feel comfortable with this long delay of my purchase made on June 4, 2021.

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There is an email that goes out weekly from Wyze that is supposed to go to everyone that has orders in place but for some reason does not get to everyone. A copy of it can be found weekly in the #news area. Here is a link to the current email as of this post.

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Used to get email updates then all of a sudden stopped, come on they know who pre-ordered why stop communicating

Mine finally recieved a tracking number. Ordered 6/4.



Finally, I rec’d my tracking info on my pre-order placed on June 4, 2021. Yahoo…!!!

Hopefully, all will go well in receiving my cordless vacuum without any defects or damage from the shipping.