Cordless Vacuum Ship Date

Wheres my Vacuum, weekly updates suddenly stop. I ordered 3rd June and unlike some products this was

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I got mine today. Watch for yours. :upside_down_face:

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I just wish we would get the weekly updates nothing for two weeks


It is now the lack of communication from them that gets my back up. I am so vested in wyze world with many of there products. This has to be there worst launch to date


Mine came today.


cool, my on fedex shows as “Scheduled delivery: Pending” , I should have get it yesterday but it didn’t came.

Thanks guys the only updates I get is here at least I know it’s shipping but I’ve not received a delivery date

Lucky! I’m holding out hope that it won’t be much longer.
I bought the robot vac and I love it, but I still need a regular vacuum that’s nice & light… I ordered June 3 but no word yet. :confused:

Do you love it?

Susan Abramson
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I think it’s very nice, let’s see how my wife likes it .

I wish it had a built in charger that activated when it was placed on the stand.

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Ordered 6/4 and no still no change of status for my order:(

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Ordered 6/1, no ship date :neutral_face:

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Wyze Jimmy just sent email on preorder information. Here is the info on the Cordless Vacuum:

The next round of inventory was slated to arrive in early September.
Another small round of inventory has cleared the seaport and will be able to start shipping by the end of next week.

So my Wife came up with an idea, We’re so happy with our Cordless Vac, we thought we’d share the experience. Come visit the Grand Canyon West and stay here at the Canyons End Motel. We’ll provide you quality time with our Vac while you help clean your room and we’ll even refund $20 you can use for breakfast. Where she gets these great ideas is a mystery to me. :wink:


Sorry you feel this way. I personally do not feel lied to. As a backer, when I preorder an item I fully understand that the delivery dates are only estimates as in some cases they are still working on the products. I also fully expect there may be some issues or bugs with the Firmware which will need to be addressed. If I felt otherwise, I would not be a backer and wait until the product is 100% fully released and not in a preorder state.

I have backed and preordered many products and have been quite pleased with the products I have received. Were there problems with some, yes. However, the issues were worked out or mitigated over time and prior to full release.


I don’t think Wyze is being admirably deceptive. If there’s a shipping delay it’s not their fault and certainly not deliberate. Maybe keeping some perspective is in order? It’s just a cordless vac. It works great and when your’s arrives you’ll be happy with it too, Ok?

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The image snippet says it will start shipping by the 16th, which it did. I ordered mine on day one and I expect it when it gets here. I have dealt with other vendors who’s shipments are delayed as well. I ordered a Christmas present last year in November which did not arrive until February due to chip shortages and shipping issues. a @canyonsend indicated this is out of their control. I get weekly emails letting me know about all preorders and the expected dates (which are not guaranteed).

As I indicated above, the dates on the Backer and preorders are estimated only. If these dates are taken as absolutes, then I would caution anyone about that. Simply don’t be a backer and preorder, wait until it is 100% available and off preorder.

@canyonsend , your write-ups makes me excited to get mine. This will be a game changer for me. Never had a rechargeable battery like this but look forward to getting mine in.

One thing people don’t seem to understand or refuse to is that our seaports, our trucking industry and any other methods of receiving a shipment are plugged at the moment. I’ve been in the warehouse/shipping industry for over 30 years and this is the worst I’ve seen in the industry. Lack of workers to unload the shipping containers, no drivers for the trucks, delays with in customs, the list goes on and on.
I’m waiting on a vacuum as well, but is it really that big of a deal to get a meltdown because you’re not getting want…take a timeout.
With everything else going on In this country the delay of a cordless vacuum isn’t a catastrophic event.
Give WYZE a chance, 99% of this isn’t their fault.

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why this is happening "Lack of workers to unload the shipping containers, no drivers for the trucks, " ??

Because these are considered skilled blue collar LABOR intensive jobs, and it seems in this day and age people aren’t willing to do this type of work because it’s not glamorous or spotlight driven.
Not everyone has the skill sets to drive an 80,000 lb, 53ft long vehicle coast to coast…or driver a 10 ton forktruck used to load or unload the containers…not to mention the warehouse workers breaking their backs picking and packing the shipments. It’s not about money, because we’ve increased our wages, added hiring bonuses, add additional benefits and PTO…we are still struggling to get workers. The other key factors are as long as an individual can earn as much money with unemployment accompanied with numerous other tax breaks we will continue to struggle. There are lots of jobs our there, they just require sweat and determination.

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I don’t think people are upset about the delays as much as the lack of communication from Wyze about status. I can only speak on my personal experience, but I’ve received not a single update from Wyze and have emailed support 3 times now to attempt to get on the list for these “Updates from Jimmy” emails - they keep responding with a generic “don’t worry it’s shipping soon!” and fail to ever answer about the update emails.