Cool Factor - Samsung Gear Watch displays notification with image

Samsung Gear S3 Watch displays Wyze cam notification that includes a still image.


Nice! That is awesome. How much are those watches? :slightly_smiling_face:

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$179 right now at the jungle.

Dude, I didn’t realize that was a thing. Did you just find that app on the Samsung App Store? I have the same watch, and I think it’s pretty fresh!

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No specific app on the watch side. You just need to allow the notification on your watch like any other apps. I don’t let all apps notify me on my watch, just the most important (or cool like Wyze) ones.

HaHaaa! I see what you did there!

I’m going to steal that little nugget of clever abstract word switchary and use it too. And just because I’m a swell fella, and would prefer not to be labeled as a “rhyme biter”, I’ll use the other option. Henceforth, I shall too demonstrate an elevated level of cleverness. In lieu of the term “Amazon”, I will inform other people, whom I want to like me, that I have been known to purchase most household goods and foodstuffs at the River… I already feel better!

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the best thing about getting the clip picture notifications is that it was not a planned outcome of having the pictures. it just by happenstance worked in the latest update.

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I’m glad it sneaked into the firmware unexpected like because it is a nice feature to see the image with the notification. That is very Wyze :wink:

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Apple Watch as well. It was a nice surprise.