Cool Down, Person Detection and Cloud Storage alternatives

There are many ways to save video.
rbruceporter (moderator) discussed one way which is probably the simplest.
I decided to get a program that runs on my PC that captures video. Then I installed BlueStacks to view the video from Wyze.
I’m no tech person but I did do research using Google (you can use whatever search engine you like) to ask questions on how to accomplish what I wanted. I also search forums for the answers. In the end, with the help of the internet I came up with my own solution. It might not be best for you or others but it works for me.
Do the research. You might even find a better solution than mine.

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Although it doesn’t help you here, this is one of the reasons people have suggested the addition of POE on future cameras as well as wireless. POE would enable you to connect the camera via an Ethernet cable to either a NVR (Network Video Recorder) (CCTV Control box if you prefer), or via a POE switch to a PC running CCTV software with a dedicated hard drive for saving the video to. The latter also opens up numerous possibilities such as saving clips into safe areas so they’re not over written, emailing video, uploading video, capturing stills, printing still etc etc. Some of this can be done via wireless, but it’s less reliable. To go back to your situation, currently Wyze don’t support POE.

Could be a possibility. You’d have to ask them. :slight_smile: But bandwidth costs money, too. It’s not all about the storage capacity. If you’re sending twice as many videos to the server, their bandwidth cost will be double.

Your excellent point only increases the reasons for shortening the free storage that I mentioned.
That additional savings of bandwidth plus storage cost could definitely allow for a shorter cool down period.

There’s no bandwidth savings. Quite the opposite. Storage savings, yes.

I don’t know all of the math but I have asked about such solutions before and learned that the pricing structure for this feature isn’t linear like I expected. So decreasing the storage time would not free up the portional amount of expense that one may expect.

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Thanks for the info, however even if it isn’t proportional, I would think it should provide enough savings to reduce the cooldown period from 5 minutes to a shorter period.
If not, then I hope there are other avenues that Wyze is exploring to bring down the cooldown period to something reasonable.

We are working on one optional solution now. :slight_smile:

You should check out the beta app. They’re testing a new feature called “Complete Motion Capture.” It will be a premium feature, but for beta testers, it’s free for the moment. Keep in mind that it IS beta, so your mileage may vary. In my case, I can’t successfully get it set up at all yet. But I’m hoping to try it out within the next few days. :slight_smile:

That is promising info to know. Maybe even in combination along with a shorter storage period.
Realize that all the great features will mean very little if the needed notification is not provided because a leaf or a shadow preceded the motion detection that was important to be notified of because of this very long cool-down period.

I would be happy with a free option to only trigger the current cool down period with person detection only.

This issue is a hidden shadow that is difficult to uncover when you first buy a Wyze cam. Then after you start using it you may start to think there is something wrong with it and return it or only find out this is how it works from these forums.

Only free work around now is an SD card with 24/7 recording selected.

I’m not sure I understand your meaning. I’d basically like to see person detection override the cooldown. But first I’d like person detection to be improved when cam is on its side to get a vertical view - right now it’s so-so. Although it has been better with bright sunny lighting.


In order for person detection to override the cooldown, it would be more bandwidth and storage for Wyze, so they may or may not go for that. (In a scenario where there is lots of person movement, it could effectively turn the cooldown period into 2.5 minutes)

So I think @jeff007 was saying that he’d be willing to forego regular motion events and ONLY save person events to the cloud if that would keep it free.

I meant that there is currently no way to stop regular motion events from triggering an event recording and therefore undesirably beginning the cool down period and missing a person in the process. If ONLY person detection events would trigger event recording (NO regular motion events) with the current cool down period then I would be happy…oh yeah and it would be free.

Yes, person detection could stand for improvements but it is my understanding that this will almost always be a work in progress via XNOR’s AI modeling program/servers. After they run their AI model on their server’s for X time, it improves the person detection AI and then Wyze pushes out that particular person detection AI improvement in a firmware/software update, This is why it is very helpful to submit/share your video clips and acknowledge whether or not you saw a person or not in the video. The person detection improvements are often mentioned in the notes for each update. As for person detection overriding the cool down period, that would be awesome and great but I do not think Wyze currently has the resources to be able to do this as that would put a lot more traffic on their servers and therefore increase costs but I hope I am wrong.

I believe that Nest/Google and RING have a very similar person detection AI algorithm for their cameras but they do all of this in the cloud in real time. Since both Google and RING (owned by Amazon) have tons of servers and bandwidth at their disposal, they can afford to do these computations in the cloud. The advantage of this is that their algorithm can be improved more quickly but it also means that their cameras are highly dependent on your ISP provider in order to do much of anything. I like how Wyze has the SD card option for 24/7 recording locally no matter what is going on with my ISP or their cool down period, this is where they have the edge for me for now.

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Ok. Ya. That’s a good idea. I guess where we live we might only see maybe 4-6 person events with most being ourselves coming and going, but I certainly understand many others may have significantly higher person traffic to deal with.

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How about this?

–give us the ability to store video to an NFS share
–mark items that have motion (like it currently does).
–If the user clicks on the thumbnail, only send that to the cloud for remote viewing.

I know I get a lot of false alerts due to bugs and other creatures. I only check the events that looks like a real issue.
If you only ship those items to the cloud, it would greatly reduce the bandwidth required.