Control switch on double/triple/long press as well as other items in the Wyze ecosystem

When configuring additional controls on a Wyze Switch, you should be able to modify the power state of the switch the press is made on.

For Example, if I want to turn off multiple switches with a double tap on a single switch, or turn off Wyze Plugs and the switch with a triple tap,

This seems so simple that I am honestly shocked that it wasn’t included in product launch.

  • Give the option to allow a double, triple, or long press to turn on AND off a Wyze Plug. I would like the ability to turn on/off a wyze plug with the same button press rather than a double press for “on” and a triple press for “off”.

  • Allow a double, triple, or long press to turn on the same wyze switch. Currently the option to turn on itself is limited to a single press.

  • I’m not sure if a bug exists but when set up to turn on a different wyze switch with a double,triple,or long press, it doesn’t turn work.

Thanks for your consideration.


I am also disappointed with the options of the switch. I have a detached garage and I wanted to be able to turn on the outside garage lights from the house. But because it won’t let me group the light on my side door that goes out to the driveway and the garage lights, I had to make a rule that when I turn on/off the side light, the garage light also turns on/off. This is fine for this situation because I don’t plan on needing to turn on just one or the other. But when it comes to my kitchen and dinning room it’s a different story. I have a galley style kitchen that opens up to my dinning room. I was originally going to run new wire and install three way switches in the kitchen and dinning room so I can turn either of the on and off from both ends of the rooms. But when the Wyze switch came out I decided to just use them so I wouldn’t have to run new wiring. The problem is I had to use double tap to turn the other light on and tripe tap to turn it off. I was hoping to be able to use double tap to group both the kitchen and dinning room together and for the double tap to be able to turn it on and off. It lets you choose that option but all it does is turn it on and off real quick. This also creates an issue with the amount of devises you can control with a single switch. I have the same issue with my utility room that is on the other side of my kitchen. I wanted to use the kitchen switch to control the utility room light but because I had to use both the double and triple tap just to control the dinning room light I can’t use it to control my utility room light because I only have the long press left. I feel this is an oversight for this product and hopefully Wyze can fix it through a software update.

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The Switch was a good prototype, but there are many missed opportunities to make it a much better product. Such as being able to use it in multi-poll systems, incorporating a dimmer, and being able to use the 2-touch, 3-touch and touch-and-hold without first using single-touch.

Keeping this thread going… another feature which I’m not sure has really been spoken to is the ability to use the multi-click commands without first turning on the light with a single click.

Some examples of why this might be useful:

  • My light was on at full brightness, but now I want to turn it on at a dimmer setting (e,g, so I don’t blind my dinner guests). It would be great to just be able to triple-click, which is set to turn my lights to a dim setting.
  • If the double-click is set to unlock my front door, I would like to be able to do that without first having to turn on the hall light,

Twice now I’ve had the issue where I lost internet for a short time and when it came back on one of the switches (a different switches each time), kept blinking and wouldn’t reconnect to the network. I ended up having to turn the breaker off and on again to get it to reconnect. There should be a way to reset the switch without having to cut the power, for example hold the button down for ten seconds or so.

To reset the switch, press and hold the switch button for 20 seconds. When the LED status begins to blink quickly, release the button. Once the status light blinks slowly, your switch is reset.