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I like that, so basically allow shortcuts to be part of an Action within a Rule. That could work. It would also then open it up a little more as then potentially any Shortcut could be used as an Action in the Schedule, Trigger, or location rules.

The original thought was to just add Scenes as an Action, but this may allow for additional options either now or future.

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One additional question as I know you have it in your list, but what are the chances you all can treat sensor groups as a virtual sensor to trigger things on? Meaning:

If I had 4 motion sensors in a group, The group on the home page would show motion when any of the motion sensors sees motion and then no motion when motion on all sensors stops. Because you already track this and can display the motion label and how many sensors has motion on it, seems like it would be easy to add this as a virtual trigger and key it off of the method you use to indicate one or multiple sensors in the group has motion.

I know there is a few of us who could use this feature as well. :slight_smile:


They need to add a way for your lights to go back to previous status after cameras are cleared for say five minutes. For instance. My porch light is set to blue while the sun is down, but once my cameras detect a person my porch light is set to go bright white. Once my camera no longer detects a person I want for my light to go back to blue

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Yes, most everything needs a “return to previous status after XX mins of no motion”.
My desire, as I’ve mentioned, is for the thermostat, such that
WHEN thermostat is in Away
IF motion sensed by thermostat, set to Home for XX minutes, THEN switch back to Away



As others have said, Wyze Rules REALLY need a “Wait [X amount of time]” option to put in-between Actions.

Then I would use Wyze rules more often instead of having to go through Alexa. This lacking feature is why I have to use Alexa for so many of my routines, even when I am only using Wyze devices.

Do Wyze’s rule actions execute linearly/sequentially, or are all actions blasted simultaneously? If they don’t execute linearly, they should be updated to do so and then add in a Wait action for any chosen interval. This is a critical thing needed for me to be able to use Wyze Rules instead of Alexa rules for many routines.


  • When Front V3 Cam detects a person —> Turn Desk Lamp Bulb Red (or whatever other color) —> Then wait 30 seconds (or whatever time interval) —> Turn Desk Lamp Bulb back to White (or turn it off…honestly, it would be awesome if there was a “return to previous state option” that would return the device back to whatever state or settings it was in before the current rule executed)

Wyze RULES also need to allow Triggers based on a GROUP of sensors being treated as a single sensor


  • If any motion sensor in the motion sensor group senses motion, run this action (turn on the lights for that room)
  • If ALL motion sensors in the motion sensor group have been clear for X amount of time, only then turn off the lights for that room (but if any sensor in the entire group has sensed motion within that interval, do not turn off the lights).

This is a critical feature especially for automations/routines of large rooms. The motion sensors work great if someone is walking around. They can sense someone up to 20 feet away in that case. But if I am sitting at my desk typing, then only a sensor within like 5 feet will keep recognizing I am present even when set on high. Therefore we need several motion sensors in a room. We need one to cover the whole room for when people walk in, but we also need some close to watch people on couches or chairs, etc where they aren’t moving drastically. A sensor 10 feet away will “clear” if someone is laying on a couch or sitting in a chair, but will pick them up if they walk around 20 feet away. But you don’t want the lights turning off while you’re sitting down and still in the room…which will happen unless you have a sensor close enough to each couch or sitting location. Thus, we need the rules to be able to function based on the entire sensor group status. If any sense motion, run automation and leave it running. When all sensors in the group are clear for 5 minutes, then turn off the lights. I used to be able to do this with Home Assistant until sensors were suspended from the API. It would be great if Wyze just supported it in the Wyze Rules Engine. To simplify, allow a group of sensors to be treated as a single sensor. All or nothing. same with groups of contact sensors (when any outside door sensor opens, do this…if they are all closed, do this).

So those are 2 good standards for templates. Make sure everything is run sequentially (not blasted all at once), build in a “Wait” interval in between actions. And lastly allow choices based on a trigger of Group of sensors (not just a single sensor) so we can do real automations for an entire room.


Very well articulated @carverofchoice !


I JUST had a use case for this, and I had to tell them we couldn’t do it. So +1 here! :+1:


Yes, lots of people over the last year have been asking for a way to do rules based on group status just like you explained in there: If any contact sensor in the entire group is open (ie: exterior doors or windows) then do this. If they are ALL closed, then do this. Basically it should treat the group like a single sensor. Anything open then the group is open, all closed then the group is closed. That would have TONS of use cases. Most of the time I see people wanting it for things like that. I used the motion sensor example because it would be so useful for automatic lighting.

Would be awesome to have the same capability with the cameras with Cam plus, such as: When a person is detected (on the living room cam), turn on the living room light, if no person is detected for 5 minutes, turn off the family room light. That would make subscribing to Cam plus in every room (which I already do) very useful (well not for bedrooms or bathrooms with the camera rule though).


I was just thinking about deploying a dozen leak sensors, then I started thinking about the 24 rules I would have to write to turn on and off 1 camera’s siren. I’d rather put them all in a group and say ‘when any sensor detects a leak, sound the siren’, ‘if all sensors show clear, turn off the siren’.

We are really getting a pile of devices with all the new products and how many of each of them we buy. The app is getting VERY busy with all the rules and device entries. We need some simplification! :slight_smile:


I ran into that very thing today. No Groups…
I had to write the rule for each sensor to trigger the siren, but made a shortcut to turn all off, so only one stop rule that I control.

I am know its probably one of my very first requests in this thread… a way to copy and paste rules so you dont have to re-write some from scratch.


Excellent point. With only 1 camera’s siren in use, 12 ‘offs’ are not needed. But it can still illustrate the issue why we need group rules so badly now. Besides making my original example on the HVAC system workable, the number of rules you may have to write for a simple function is fast becoming insane.

Plus the groups help tidy up that device list. :slight_smile:


Yes, my device list it out of control, and to add to that…

I also wished that I could add devices to multiple groups for rule purposes.

I had not deployed a V3 or V2 Cam Pan in the house at the time and thought it would be easier as I was setting them up if I could make a siren capable camera group, but those cameras were already in an interior group that have a mix of V2s and V1 Cam Pans. Maybe a sub-group for feature likeness.

The above probably sounds better in my head than it reads but if I had a capability group I could have selected the group and feature vs having to select multiple devices to achieve my action


I found this rules idea post via discord and was thinking more advanced rules could be configured via a webpage rather than the app. The app seems limiting in terms of space and much like webview, having rules as part of your account page or some other url might give the team much more flexibility to make rules more complex. I think there should be some form of tie back to the app, even if it’s a way to trigger a rule to test.

I would also ask for the ability to fire webhooks. I use another home assistant (cough cough) product that accepts webhooks, and it would make it really easy to trigger other automations or alerts that are not part of the wyze ecosystem.

The App should be EQUAL in functionality to the Web View ‘App’ Agree 1000% that I should be able to create and modify rules from the comfort of a real keyboad and monitor and not my phone or iPad that the app is sideways in…

I’m not getting any traction on my wish list on this idea, feel free to go vote for it here:


considering zero of my cameras work with web view…I don’t give a hoot about web view.
More complex rules aren’t needed.
Rules that use what we have is needed.
Oh, I don’t know, like the ability to use the motion sensor on the thermostat to trigger a mode change…that would be nice to have (have back that is).

Hi @iamactive @nixhome2020 thank you for your ideas. It’s in my inbox now, while the product roadmap depends on many factors. I can’t guarantee whether we’ll release it or not currently. I’ll do my best to make our products suitable for your needs.

Hi @Brewcam Maybe you can try to create a device trigger with a motion sensor detecting motion, and turn on heat/cool/off mode the thermostat. Let me know if this meets your expectations.

Tried it. Works at best 1/4 of the time.
I only have cameras (and of course the thermostats) to use as a trigger.
All of my cameras are outside.
Not a great trigger for interior motion.
I’d certainly love it if the motion sensors on the thermostats could be used as a trigger…like they were originally.

As a follow up…I figured I’d stop griping about the fact that the motion sensor on the thermostats has been disabled and purchase a Wyze motion sensor.
Well…can’t buy a stand alone Wyze sensor, only one that works with the alarm system.
So, there’s that.
Come on folks, re-enable the super useful functionality of the motion sensor on the thermostats.