Continuous recording playback audio sync



Anybody have audio sync issues playing back from an SD card? I getting intermittent audio sync issues (usually 10 sec audio lag).

I’m using a Samsung 32gb fat32 class 10 card.


First time I tried playing back from the SD card on both my V2 cameras was this morning. On one, the audio and video were in sync. On the other camera, the audio and video started in sync, but the video ran fast so at the end of the minute, the audio and video were almost 15 seconds out of sync. It was weird watching the time display on the video advance faster than real time, and then freeze for the last 13 seconds of the playback.



I watched the same video clip multiple times and it varies…sometimes in sync and then goes out, then the next time, it’s totally out. I experienced the same thing with the video speeding up…it’s definitely not fluid! Useable, not optimal.


Have you guys contacted support about this issue? If so, what did they say?


Five months later and the problem still persists. I’ve had this happen multiple times.


Eight months later and the problem still persists.