Continues recording stops when I exit the app

I heve my cam pan set to continues recording to my SD card. When I hit record it does untill I exit the app or turn the screen on my phone off, then it stops recording. How do I keep it recording if my phone is off or while using different apps on my phone? Thanks

Hi. Do you have “Local recording to micro sd card” option set to “continuous” in the cam settings? If so, it should record regardless of what you’re doing on your phone.

Now, you mention you hit the record button and then exit. There should be no need for that. That button is to record onto your phone itself.

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Yes, it only records if I hit the record button in the app.

Are you going to “view playback” in the app to find the footage? And, there is none?

Go to the app and advanced settings and then local storage. What do you see for as card memory available?

29.6 gigs

When I hit the record button and I hit back on the app it asks me to I want to stop recording

Are you looking in the view playback section for the videos?

What’s the full memory reading. Should have number / number.

The Record button records the live feed or SD card playback to the camera roll/gallery. It only works if the app remains in the foreground on the same screen. Think of the Record button as a “live save” feature.

If you turn on SD card recording in Settings > Advanced Settings > Local Storage, it will record to the SD card without touching the Record button. To play back what’s saved on the SD card, tap the View Playback button from the live stream and use the timeline to navigate to the timeframe you want to view.

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