Continual "vehicle" notifications

what i would like to see is for them to be able to detect delivery vehicles (fedex, ups, usps, dhl, amazon, etc)

Turn on Motion “Tagging” in the cameras “more” menu and lets hope a new event occurs and the camera tells us why it is triggering. What else is mounted by the camera or what is the camera mounted by? can you share a picture of how the camera is mounted showing the general area around it? I wonder if there is some interference from something that is causing the PIR to trigger, wake the camera up to record then we can see the resulting video clip.

The pixel based detection zone is secondary to the PIR fixed detection zone which is the bottom two thirds of the camera view (or top two thirds if the camera is mounted upside down). I wouldn’t think the car would trigged the camera since its well outside the PIR detection distance and moving pretty fast. I would think the car would be long gone from view if it would of triggered the camera if it first entered the frame of the right side. Because it takes the camera a few seconds to “wake up”.


@Omgitstony I have turned on Motion tagging and, of course, haven’t gotten any non-movement movement alerts since then! I will keep monitoring. The camera is mounted to the flat and wide-open 2nd story side of our house - I cannot imagine anything near the camera setting it off. I will try to take a photo of the camera tomorrow…

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I agree with @Antonius that I think that car driving past is involved.

Part of the problem with the Outdoor cam is that the actual INITIAL trigger is technically not caught on video. The initial trigger WAKES up the WCO, and then it captures what happens immediately proceeding what triggered it. It could have been a bird at the edge of the screen or any number of other things that triggered the PIR to screen the following few frames to see what may be of interest.

Additionally, it is unknown whether the PIR range may slightly extend beyond the range of the video screen (ie: slightly farther to the left or right).

The detection zone SHOULD act as a second constraint though. If you play the video in 1X speed there appears to be NO movement at all anywhere except for the car in the corner. HOWEVER, if you play this on a computer monitor (Mine is 17") and make the video full screen, then instead of playing it in 1X speed, you PULL the playback cursor back and forth fairly quickly, you will suddenly see there is plenty of movement and pixel changes. Mostly the shadows move within the detection zone when you move the playback slider really quickly, but also outside of the detection zone I saw the flag wave and the plants next to the flag wave, and the plants in the top left I saw a slight position change in the pixels, but most of those were outside the detection zone and wouldn’t have counted…only the slightly moving shadows on the driveway…I only mention the other movement to indicate there WAS some very slight movement, even though it is hard to see unless you blow it up and move the slider quickly.

I agree that all that this small movement and lighting changes SHOULDN’T normally matter. But, on the highest sensitivity it is possible that it might be enough to count as sufficient pixel changes to cause the camera to upload a video and check. Once the video uploads, then the AI screens the ENTIRE video, not just the detection zone areas (though Shawn said they are looking at an update so the AI only scans the detection zone rather than the full video), and so the car would then be detected.

So here is my primary theory: The cars are setting off the PIR sensor (because the PIR checks EVERYWHERE it can, it can’t be limited by a detection zone), and sometimes my PIR on my WCO picks up vehicles fairly far away because of their heat signature difference. Then the camera sees something in the detection zone (slight shadows that are so slight we can’t tell as easily with our human eyes…but you might see a little better if you move playback really fast). So a video is created and uploaded and the AI analyzes the entire thing and identifies a vehicle (whether parked in the driveway or driving on the road) and alerts to the detection of a vehicle.

Also, could be that the detection zone is a little close to the road. Maybe it even picked up the car. I know my detection zones seem to have a little bit of leeway for some reason. Maybe tilt the camera slightly more to the left, or block out the ones I marked in 1 and test if that makes a difference, and then try to block out 2 as well and see if that helps.

Also, possibly lower the sensitivity range a little. Maybe from 100 down to ninety something and move up and down until you see if that is helping at all while still picking up anything that enters your property.

Also, possibly lower the PIR range so that fewer cars on the road trigger it.

Basically a few experiments to find the correct sensitivity and zones for your particular situation. I had to do a few trials like this for my WCO until I found the what worked best…each situation is a little different.

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What about on the other side of the wall?

@Omgitstony Meaning INSIDE my house?

@carverofchoice Thanks for that information. I will play with sensitivity and detection area a bit. Seems weird that 1) now that it’s night, can cars are going by on the road and I’m seeing them being tagged as motion, I’m NOT getting alerts for them; and 2) My neighbor pulled into the driveway (shared driveway) and, we didn’t see it but he usually noses in front of our garage doors and then backs down into his carport - and I got NO alert. I’m concerned that maybe this camera isn’t as accurate as I need it to be. But I will continue to play with it.

I wish there was a resource for understanding the technology a little better - most responses I get on the forum are from people who seem to have some background on the detection zones and PIR and the interplay between them. I would love to understand the camera better.

Yep. Looking for the off chance that something near might cause interference, not likely but just thinking outloud.

Are you live streaming the camera when the neighbor pulled into the driveway and watched it live? I believe it still be the case that when you are live viewing from the WCO, the motion detection is disabled during that time so no motion events will occur.

There is a large collection of info on the WCO support pages in a Q/A format.

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I have a regular V2 cam inside my garage. Every time the interior garage light comes on I get a vehicle notification if there’s a car parked in the garage. Fortunately when the light is off I don’t get any notifications but if the light comes on or if the garage door opens and gets natural sunlight inside, I get a vehicle notification.

The recognized object tags arnt always the detected motion. Thats just what is detected in the frame. The camera itself detects motion, and then sends the clip to the cloud where its analyzed, the whole frame of the clip for recognized objects, then the clip is tagged as such and you are notified depending on your notification settings. @WyzeJasonJ explained it well above…

Yeah, it doesn’t really bother me at all. The first time it happened after I enabled Cam Plus on it I realized that it would probably do that every time something triggers an event and it sees a vehicle in the frame. I figured that was normal.

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Its a known thing that the AI will be improved, and known that a big request from the community is to have the motion be the only thing thats tagged, not stationary objects. During Wyze week, the AI day had a long live stream on that AI is being looked into fairly hard.

Now the opposite is happening, which is a worse problem: the neighbor across the shared driveway pulled out this morning at 7 AM, definitely within the PIR zone at some point, and I got no alert. No event was recorded.

So I’m getting alerts for cars not moving (although this has improved with lowering my distance setting by 5 points), and not getting alerts for cars that are moving.

Updated to add that this neighbor’s driving skill is the reason we bought the camera. He has hit our house once already, we suspect, and we need to monitor. I’m not sure why the camera didn’t pick up his truck driving in OR out of the driveway but it’s very disappointing.

Something is very clearly wrong with detection on my camera, and I’d appreciate any tips for kicking it into “gear.” My husband’s car has been parked in the lower left of our driveway (see video above) for some time, and I was getting alerts today whenever he entered his vehicle to look for something. I got alerts when he got in tonight and started it, and when the headlights came on (after dark) and lit up the driveway.

I got NO alert when his car moved across the driveway as he left.

I seem to be getting alerts for “small” movements, but not for significant ones like moving vehicles.

Welp, the neighbor just pulled in and I did get an alert for his truck, finally. But the detection is … not consistent. Is this just the level of accuracy that I need to expect, or are there still known issues that are being worked on?

I assume you are talking about getting notifications (Alerts) on your phone. Seems to be an issue with many users, I have not had this problem with 4 WCO and 1 V3 camera “yet”.

Yes, my notifications are very messed up. I get some notifications for CamPlus events but am not currently receiving any notifications for non-CamPlus events such as sound. And currently at least one, possibly two of my V3 cams are not recording ANY events even though they are online and I can view them live and have not changed a single setting on them. They just suddenly stopped recording events. And earlier all of my cams completely stopped recording sound events…then magically they started again.

I only have 4 WCO and they are not on Cam Plus. The latest issue with them is they record at double speed with night vision on (12 second video in 6 seconds), which started with December cam firmware. My one V3 is on continuous recording to a 64GB card, and has Cam Plus. I get the cloud videos also. All my notifications for all 5 cams have worked worked consistently without change.???

Please tell me that Wyze is working to fix the AI then? This counters the utility of the camera.


During Wyze week on the AI day, lots of talk on the future of AI.

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Makes it useless when alerts need to be disabled because of wind!