Contact Sensor Issues

One of my contact sensors is showing as Open since if first connected it. I’ve unlinked and linked, pulled the battery and tried a more powerful magnet and still Open. Any other things to try, or how do I file a request for replacement?

For support and/or to request a replacement, file a support request from the Account > Help & Feedback section of the app.

I did that about 3 days ago, but have not received any reply. What is the normal turn around for a response?

We’re only 2 working days into the week and generally the turnaround time seems to be 3 days or less. I’d give it until tomorrow to see if they get back to you.

I had a sensor issue. Tap it really hard on its side. A desk works great. I had one stuck closed. Knowing how they work I figured the contact was stuck. Stuck open might be different but worth a shot. It fixed my issue.