Contact sensor battery replacement still dead

Same issue as everyone, can’t reconnect after a battery replacement. What’s the primary workaround these days?

@mysticode Welcome to the Wyze community! I recommend contacting Wyze Customer Support for further assistance.

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Did, no dice in getting me a replacement due to not being American…

Unfortunately, this was the only solution that worked for me as well. Lucky I had a back up contact sensor.

I noticed that the Wyze Sense starter kit is “out of stock” in the store. Maybe Wyze has recognized that there are a number of significant problems with the sensors and the bridge.

This is a known problem with the sensors:

Yep. Gone from the stores and the website. I think the best way to fix the sensors is to throw them away. Maybe keep the bridge if you still have a motion sensor. I don’t know if they have battery issues or not. At least they were cheap.

Xiaomi made millions of these sensors and found out in first year of the unfixable bricking problem.

What do you think how a company would cut loss.

Find unsuspected buyers.

I had to change the battery on one of my contact sensors a day after purchase. I don’t mind, since I understand batteries drain on their own, and these batteries are cheap anyways.

When you are changing the battery, do NOT press reset/pairing button. Just change the battery and put everything back together. I did that, and after 10 seconds the sensor reconnected without issue.

I had the same problem with 4 contact sensors. I had let each sensor battery go dead. After replacing the batteries they would no longer connect. Contacted support and found out that once the battery goes dead the sensors need to be replaced which fortunately they did.

Need I say this is an extremely poor design and until this is fixed they should not be sold and we should have all been notified.


Due to the covid situation I couldn’t get to my sensors in time. Now I have 4 dead sensors. Thankfully I understand now that it is a known issue. Last time 1 sensor died like this, I went through so much of troubleshooting with support. But they finally replaced it. I am hoping they will help me again. I will be shocked if they don’t fix this issue.

Same problem with mine. 4 contact sensors batteries replaced and they will not connect.

its a shame i just lost 4 door sensors , one only work for 3 days until the battery die then i change the battery 3 days after same thing, battery dead, the other 3 die after changing the battery they don’t even blink anymore ,

im afraid that will happen again with my motion sensors , i was so happy with the wyse sensors i even recommended to many people now im looking like a fool , cant believe the sensors die after a battery die

im from mexico it was a pain in the ass to get those sensors here , and now i had to rethink all my automation and find other solution that can actually get without fighting with po box and customs to support a company with this mayor flaw

guess i will have to go with another tasmotize sonoff bridge and some 433mhz door sensors easily accessible in mexico , and forget about a close system

Yes the sensors have been a complete failure. Wyze should be doing something to replace them with upgraded ones.

I understand that so many failed that maybe they’d run out of business trying to replace them all but at least do some kind of discount at cost or something.

I like all the new products coming out but they really should fix this one before continuing. And it does make me a bit hesitant to buy more of the products.

I have 13 sensors that have failed, 100% of what I have.

Hey Wyze I see your offering new upgraded ones with your home security package are you thinking of how to do the people right and replace them?


Because I live in Canada and getting these here is not simple as I have to ship it to my brother and he mails them to me or I pickup when we see each other, I ordered a lot of them and some of them just died even before I was able to get them. I agree, they should replace them or at least give us a trade in option. I actually have bought I think over 25 sensors now.

My door sensors are all dead. They’ve died over the past few weeks. I put brand new batteries, but still dead.

How do I submit a ticket to Wyze? It looks like they just list a phone number.

Thru the app.

I did that and it takes me to “contact” support which lists a phone number. I want to create a support ticket. How do I do that?

I did it through chat function. They email you back.

I actually called and talked to someone. I have 4 contact sensors, 3 are dead. New batteries put in will not connect back to the bridge. Replaced the 4th contact sensor battery even though it didn’t need it and it immediately came back online. This is a known issue. When the app tells you it has a low battery in a sensor replace it as soon as possible otherwise the sensor will brick itself. Wyze is sending out three new sensors. It is almost a year today of when I first bought them. Wyze also told me that the new sensors in the home monitoring kit are different than these ones.