Constant "connecting camera" and "authenticating"

I have a PAN and STATIONARY> My PHone doesn’t turn on the PAN by my partners Phone can. We both have Iphones.
the Stationary Camera was the SAME. THIs is a pretty clear indicator of a CACHE conflict. I WOULD ENCOURAGE WYZE TO UPGRADE TO A FASTER SERVER PLS!!!>… this is total BS.
What’s weird is , why would you ask to POWER CYCLE the ROUTER as FIX. This is a pretty clear indicator of the Conflicting Cache issue. I DOn’t have any issues with Other CHina Camera’s. This Company home office is less than 1.5 hr DRIVE from my Home. There should be no LAG or Connectivity Issues> IT is showing true signs of SERVER COnfliction. IT is not the WIFI if it is connected to OPTIKS Medium. THIS IS A SERVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR ISSUEEE!!!> FIX IT FIX IT>>

I am having the same problem with one of my Wyze V2 cameras. The internet wifi is strong in my house and that’s not the issue. Maybe defective camera?

It’s a server problem at WYZE.
Your internet connection is controlled by Internet service provider.
All lags, stalls, or connection issues would be at WYZE.
Your Camera is considered a Network Node of the WYZE intranet infrastructure. Similar to VPN connection methodology. But has vulnerabilities due to the internet protocols used which is not proprietary. It’s like an apple Iphone, the technology was created by Darpa (Government tech). IT was repackaged and sold as a "sort of " toy.

My camera is now showing offline and it won’t connect.

Power cycle your house router and Camera(s). Let it reboot.
if it still doesn’t work, Refresh you Router settings to Default and re-set if you’ve changed the settings.
Wyze Home server connectivity problems usually fixes itself at the head end created usually from JIttery Internet connection or a Public internet connection. The Camera would continually re-try connection until it refers you to a power cycle to fix the issue.