Constant buffering with camera

Today (I don’t know when it actually started, since I did not use the Alexa integration for a few days) - the buffering is gone, but the framerate went down horribly, in average about 1 fps i’d say.

Some additional findings:

  • The connection to Alexa stays now open longer (about half an hour or so) or at least it did at first, just now it closed the connection while writing this post after about 3 minutes or so.
  • The stream in the Wyze app is now less consistent as well, the second counter is somewhat irregular and motion is choppy.
  • Camera is connected to my 2.4G network, (-50 dBm, 72.2 TX, 72.1 RX), transferrate is varying between 9 and 90 KB/s)
  • my garage cam which is working much better, has 124-200KB/s, -53dBm and same RX and TX rates.

I’m having the same issue with buffering on my google home display. Android app works fine but i use my display as a baby monitor and barely get a few seconds of video. One of the only reasons why i bought this product is for its ability to integrate with google.

@WyzeGwendolyn are you aware of any upcoming fix’s for this issue?

I know that our team is working with the related teams to try to fix this but I don’t have anything concrete yet. I’m continuing to send them information as I get it from customers to help out. We apologize for the experience.

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Short Update from my side: I think my cam might be dying.

  • The records on the storage card are also choppy,
  • the Device info shows no wifi signal strength (other cameras do), previous info about signal strength was from my router
  • the camera is shown as offline, even though she is on and you can see a choppy stream when connecting

I’ll try and reset it to factory defaults.

That actually helped. Somewhat at least. The connection to Alexa (Echo Show 8") is now pretty stable and with decent FPS. but the app took multiple attempts at establishing a connection. Once connected, it is good though.

Whatever they have been doing the past couple days has certainly helped alot with video. Audio is still unlistenable but I’m mainly concerned with video. There is no more pausing after every 3 seconds to “buffer” and the video is pretty stable. It does say “Buffering…” in very translucent text at the bottom left of the screen but this hasn’t caused any pausing in the video. If all it took was for the video playback app to buffer for longer then I’m surprised it took them this long to implement this fix. But I’m happy.

Try lowering the camera res from HD to SD to Saver. If it fixes the issue it’s in your wifi signal strength. If it doesn’t fix the issues it a issue in the cloud.

How exactly would you lower the res in the Alexa or Google Home integration…?

That’s the main issue here. I think it’s safe to assume that it’s no ones bandwidth.

You have to change it in the camera app. It’s located At the top page just left of the camera name. Hit the green res box to change the resolution.Screenshot_20200115-170835_WyzeBeta|236x500

If bandwidth is the issue it is on Wyze’s end, not the end consumer. I don’t have any devices that would use enough bandwidth on my router to cause such a degredation of video quality.

I have about 40 Wi-Fi devices on my network, but I also have an enterprise level router and Wi-Fi access points.

Here’s Wyze on Alexa show via Alexa app

So what the scoup? Lots of ppl reporting issues with little more then Wyze looking into for weeks on end…


I used to have career, Comcast line tech (20 years).

The stroke cut it short. Speech Texer, is there a way I have to communicate.

I called Comcast, the service tech, on his way. (Line tech 300 miles away, I have to move, retirement)

Anyway, the service tech, change the Box out. (I had a problem with WYZE camera, initiate.) Same problem. The service tech, change out the tap, Reverse Equalizer too. Problem solved. WYZE camera, initiate.

I said goodbye to the service tech. Another problem, Buffering events.

Wi-Fi analyzer, google store. I got – 20 dvm. Really too hot. Buffer events 10, 1 hour

Reverse equalizer is problem now. I had the truck, health problems notwithstanding, Reverse Equalizer, 5-minute job. -30dvm maybe -40dvm Instead of -20 dvm.

Now to be fair, service tech, line tech schedule here. Hold my breath, not happening. Unbalanced line, (Reverse equalizer), way down the list. ( unless you get noise) Forward channels, first.

Buffering It’s a dead horse.

My camera was working fine 2 days ago after a constant issue of it buffering every 3 seconds. Now it dropped off the network entirely. I set it up again and now it’s back to the buffering nonsense.

I saw several Echo Show 5 devices on sale. Want to stream my 6 Cam v2 Cameras.

Currently using my android phone and blue stack on the PC to watch the cameras.
Both Work Great.

Glad I found this thread…

I think I’ll just watch this thread for awhile before I buy.


Wi-Fi analyzer, free, Google Store. You to have it!

Line tech, cable company, show up Saturday morning. Rev. equalizer have changed. Now I got (previously) -20 now it’s -35.

Echo 7 tell the tale. Buffing constant.

WYZE camera hooked up this morning. Present surprise! I guess a box change out (previously posted) problem solved!

Echo 7, Buffing constant, (Of course location of the router, too many splitters play an important part of problems solving)

Avail yourself the free program.

Jotted down negative number (-20 to -60)

Call your cable company.

That’s not your problem, the cable company, is problem. All comes down to this- unbalanced line, reverse line.

I’m have the EXACT issue you are and I’m glad you mentioned the WiFi extender because that is what I was going to buy. NOT happy as I’m monitoring my aunt who has alzheimers --extremely critical that I can see her when I need to and this not acceptable.

Avail yourself the free program? It’s free - posted numbers -??

the WiFi extender - not Timhalll

I can say by experience wifi extenders and cameras are marginal at best. The rounters and extenders change channel to maximize wifi signals. When that happens the signal drops for a milliseconds and goes off line. I fought this for months by changing to static addresses and etc. I was never able to over come the issue. I use Wayze cameras inside and blink cameras outside. To fix my issue I purchased a Google Mesh router system (4) units. It’s been two years and no dropped cameras. Plus my wifi speed doubled. I’m happy and with no issues.