Constant buffering with camera (Google Nest (Home) and Echo (Alexa))

That is very exciting! Thanks for the info! :smiley:

I think the extended viewing is a bug, though. I’ll check with the team but streaming should only be for 10 minutes at a time (last I heard).

Hm… so mine did stop after ~10 minutes. Just a black screen.

There has been a big improvement but it’s still too slow to use to see who is at the door.

@WyzeGwendolyn Would you please ask the team about the purpose of the time limit? I would much rather allow the stream to continue until I manually Stop it, so am hoping the time limit becomes a thing of the past. Thanks.

The time limit is imposed by Google. They only allow their own Nest cameras to stream for more than 10 minutes.

It’s actually a cost vs use case thing for us so we can provide this as a free feature. Most people only watch their streams for about a minute at a time. We multiplied that by ten and then added a cut-off. We are looking into options for adding longer-term streaming but can’t make promises at this point. Indefinite streaming would make this service much more expensive and could raise the costs for everyone to compensate.


My mistake. I thought Google limited the time.
They do but it can be overcome with $.:slightly_smiling_face:

Hmmm. I have six Nest cams and can watch the stream minute upon minute and on up to hour after hour; though that doesnt make sense (unless one is paranoid, I guess). There are slight restrictions with the phone app (saving videos), but I can view all the cams in the app or using a browser on PC/Mac as one would with RTSP / NVR / IP cams.

As I said, Google doesn’t restrict their own products, Nest.

The update is a significant improvemwnt. I do still get the black screen of buffering but I am using the v2 cam as a granbaby monitor. Rather chewing thru phone battery. Its much improved but I dont think its intended for this particular application.Guess I will have just hook up a charger for my phone.

But thank you regardless for the update Wyze!

Still love the product and will be adding more very soon

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And by the way…I can stream for much longer than 10 minutes

I have to say that while it took a little over 3 months to fix it, Wyze has come through. My Fire HD 8 tablet and both of my Echo Shows are now showing video from my V2 cams with no buffering. I can only hope it stays this way. One question I do have is: will the Wyze app ever become available on the Amazon Appstore? In any event, thank you for fixing this most annoying issue.


I’m confused as to what cost is involved? Does the stream data go to the cloud first?

We would need to develop an app version that works with the Amazon app store so I don’t think it’s likely right now. But I’m happy to hear that your streaming is working properly again, @mpadmin!

I don’t know all of the costs involved. But, as an example, our cameras put out a stream, which then has to be translated by a service so that it can be used by the streaming devices, and then the converted stream is sent to the Google or Alexa device. Longer streams incur higher costs but I don’t know which parts of the process start to stack up.

I also have issues streaming my Wyze Cam to my nest hub. I have both version the nest Hub and Nest Hub max. Same result on both, The feed takes a while to load about 10 sec. It is behind in time about 20-30 second from live feed and usually stop working and keep buffering after 5-10 minutes.

As a work around solution i found that using the “tinyCam Pro” app on android. I added my Wyze Cam using Cloud protocol to the app. Then using the app chromecast feature i’m able to cast it on my hubs. Using this method I have delay of about 1 seconde instead of 20 from the live feed and it works none stop without buffering.


I would not ever recommend a wifi extender for resolving any performance issues. They will drastically degrade your connection speeds unless you are using a higher end dual radio unit which wouldn’t make sense as they would be more than adding an additional AP. If you are only trying to extend your signal, and you are OK sacrificing speed, then that is one option to consider, just know what it will do to your performance.

I’m in a two story house and have the Orbi router. One upstairs in the computer room and the othe downstairs in the dining room. I have Never has a problem as to what I have read in here. 100/120

Wireless. Even by our pool patio the speeds are great

WiFi signal is affected by many things, the two most commonly measured are 1) signal strength, and 2) noise. When you combine the two together, you get the Signal-to-noise ratio, often displayed in a percentage (+whatever else the manufacturer threw in there to the equation). So, all that means to you is you can have a really strong signal, but if you have a lot of noise (which there always is in the 2.4ghz frequency range) it will lower the SNR reading. But either way, 50 to 90% is most likely very tolerable and normal. If you want to experiment and you figure out how to change your AP channel to a different channel you may see a difference in signal quality. Best of luck.

A wren recently built a nest under our patio cover so I put a Wyze cam on it to watch the chicks progress. I shut off all notifications and file saves and have it set to stream only. I can view the the stream on my iphone just fine but when I try to view it on my echo show devices the stream constantly buffers.

Just bought a new wyze camera. I am having the same problem with buffering only when viewed with my 2nd generation echo show, phone works ok. I have the latest updates on both devices. Looks like this has been a problem for a few years. Has there not been a fix for this yet?