Connectivity Trouble 1/17/19


Wyze Cam Pan is working normally, got the latest Firmware update 2 days ago (firmware

Wyze Cam v2 (firmware cycles through multiple failed connection attempts, results in Error Code 90. Power cycle didn’t work.



The whole world is waiting for your review to make a decision.



24 hour issue now…do we have a time frame of when this will be working again? Really would like to see what my pup is doing while I am at work!

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Same non remote connectivity issue yesterday as reported in others’ posts. Will connect today 1/18/18, but warns of poor connectivity and request video downgrade to 360p. Motion control jerky.



Status update for Wyzenon Connection Issue.

Have 2 Wyze cams v2. Have had problems for last two days. Earlier this morning, one camera worked fine (data rate 80 to 110 KB/s). The other camera either couldn’t connect at all or or would have a declining data rate from around 60 to 0 KB/s, then just sit at 0 KB/s. Both cameras set to HD.

Now, both cameras have a declining data rate from 60 to 0 KB/s, then just sit at 0 KB/s. Have power cycled cameras to no effect.

Both cameras have and still work perfectly when I connect my tablet or phone to the same WiFi network as the cameras are on.



In order for us to focus on this specific issue ( not connection issue in general ), please only report if your connection was ok prior to 1/15/2019 and only started having issue after 1/16/19.

When you report issue, please include a few additional information -

  1. Android vs iOS
  2. Home network, Wifi Outside of home, or 4G/LTE
  3. Time of connection failed - Date, hour, time zone.
  4. Connection Error Code
  5. If you are using the 2.0 App, please help us by submitting a log right after the failed connection. - in App ->Account-> Help&feedback -> Report an Issue -> In the subjuct line, include “11719”, and in “select device”, select the camera that failed the connection.

Thank you for your help.



Over 24 hours of not being able to connect, was able to connect prior to 1/15 and started having issues 1/16

LTE network
Error code 90
Last attempt 1/18 12:43pm CST



After monitoring overnight data and today’s data, our service has been verified to be back in normal. Thanks for your support and patience as we worked through this issue! If you are still having connectivity difficulties, please contact our support people through this link:



Thanks for the report. Do you have an android device available to try it on ? are you able to send the log ?

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It doesnt look like it is fixed. the issue is there again.




Wyze Cam Pan, Just purchased Yesterday. Flashing blue light. Cant connect to camera. Rebooted, Reset, Reconnected to wireless. I have another Pan and i have 0 issues with it.
FW version:



I don’t think the issue is fixed either. As of now (January 19th) I cant connect to 4 of my 6 cameras. The 2 others are fine.
Since I’m not home I am not able to reboot any of the cameras.



that is the error code you are getting ?

have you tried remotely restart the camera ? in camera settings



I get error code 90.
I did try to restart and it actually worked ! Since I couldn’t connect to the cameras I didn’t think that it would be possible to send any coomands to the camera to reset it remotely but I guess that’s not the case.
I should then properly correct my first statement to “I got error code 90”.
Thank you for your help.



At least Wyze is acknowledging there’s a problem, thanks. Massive connectivity issues, tired of hearing “Can’t find named NetworK” when 3 others are on the same network.



Definitely. Huge success here with the cameras, nice quality, and price, CEO needs to see this, they need to hire a lot more people, upgrade equipment, etc…



still seeing problems on the east coast of usa 1/19/19 @1830



I seem to still be having issues as well. It hasn’t picked up motion since 7pm on the 19th. I have rebooted the device and my phone. I am able to view live feed and playback but I don’t receive any alerts.



Sorry for the late reply, was you issue able to be resolved?

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