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I tried to respond in the original thread, but got a message that new users are temporarily limited to three responses in a thread. Hopefully this linked response works

Ran the RouteThis Helps app and have the code if I need it.
Unfortunately, the Support Center is apparently closed for New Year’s Eve as no tech reps are available when phoning in. I can’t blame them as the reason I can come and try and work on this today is that I’ve got the day off from work also. :slight_smile:
However, I think I discovered the problem. I logged into the web address of the router and turned off the firewall and the light on the CamPan went to solid Blue and now works on cellular signal. :smile:
I’m tempted to try and turn the firewall back on now that it’s connected, but don’t want to break what’s working.
Turning off the 5G portion of the router didn’t have any affect on the issue, but turning the firewall off did.
Eventually I’d like to have a way to turn the firewall back on, but for now the only think on the system is the camera and it’s working.
Thanks for all the suggestions in trying to solve the issues. Will look into one of the smart plugs to be able to recover from power outages in the future.

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