Connection failed (error code 0)

When I start the Wyzecam app on my iphone or ipad - I can see the images from the cameras from when I was last in my country house. HOWEVER, when I click on the individual image - I get a connection failed (error code 0).
When I am actually in my country house - everything works perfectly. I am on the same Wi-Fi network as the Wyzecams.
Now that I am in my city home - when I click on the images that I see on my home page on Wyzecam App - I see the last images from when I was last in the country house.
Interestingly - when I go into the events - each event is clearly visible and I have many of them.

I have reset, deleted the app and then redownloaded it and done everything I can do does not correct this problem.
Any help would be greatly appreciated…Thanks so much