Connecting Wyze Sense to Alexa

I can add a “wait” in Alexa, but that doesn’t do what I’m talking about. It would have to be conditional on whether the door remains open/closed. It would be nice for Alexa to say “You left the door open” 90 seconds after it’s opened, but only IF it remains opened. If I closed the door, I don’t want Alexa to do that.

You can do that in the Wyze app currently (Notification when a sensor is left opened/closed for X time)

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Update time:
So, some of you have discovered that we unleashed some beta code in production. Problem is Alexa is not too happy about it because they did not get a chance to review it before going live. So in order to limit problems overall, here are a few things that we had to do. See below for the current limitations.
We are finalizing the tests and have to go through certification from Alexa so it’s around the corner and are trying to hit the end of 2019 at the very latest. We might be able to release earlier but no promise.


  • We have removed the discovery of new devices. So if your contact/motion sensor is not showing up in Alexa, it won’t be discovered until we release for good. So if you have the device in Alexa and you delete it, it won’t come back.
  • For all the devices that have already been discovered by Alexa, we are maintaining the behavior so you should be able to use it. Just keep in mind that this is not certified for the moment so use cautiously (ie. Expect that it might be broken at some point).
  • We had a feature for the camera. If you setup a routine for that, please note that we are not sending the corresponding events. In other words, your routine will NOT be called until we go full production with that feature.
    Cameras are creating a high risk situation so we had to kill the feature until we are certified.

As you can see we are working on fulfilling our promise to be more Alexa compliant. I know that feature has been highly requested so I can’t wait to turn the production switch on so you can all enjoy it without restriction.


Thank you for the detailed information. I love the way Wyze directly engages the community! :slight_smile:


Thanks for posting this , I appreciate it :slightly_smiling_face:

Oops. Hope we didn’t get you guys into trouble. Either way, it was a nice surprise and I’m glad this is coming soon in its full form. :slight_smile: Once it goes live, is there any possibility we could get “left open/left closed” triggers in Alexa in addition to the simple “open/closed” ones, similar to what’s in the Wyze app?

That’s what I did and it won’t save the routine.

Oh. Strange. And you use an iPhone, right? I wonder we’re running different versions of the Alexa app.

Are you using something like the Kids’ Edition Echo Dot? Or parental restrictions of some kind? Maybe that would do it.

This is very neat and we appreciate your (and the teams) effort on making this a reality!

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I tried it on both my iPad and iPhone. No parental controls etc.

On my iPad this is the version.

On my iPhone it’s this.

Same here. Didn’t work for me re-adding and existing contact sensor or adding a brand new one that wasn’t ever connected. Neither show up in Alexa. The one that does show up in Alexa is one that I did not re-add or reset. And that one shows up in Alexa as a camera. Work in progress.

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That’s strange. My client/app version are exactly the same. Not sure. What happens when you try to save the routine? Alexa never speaks to me out loud when I’m building a routine. Not until I run it. Where does she say "I’d rather not answer that.”? Do you get a popup notification or something?

The I’d rather not answer is a response to asking her to say something in my case the “F” word.

When I try to save a routine with the same word it just keeps save unavailable. If I remove the word I can save immediately.

@Loki @cheaplikeafox It appears that the reason it didn’t work is because they’ve now disabled it. (See @WyzeFrederik’s post above)

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Yep just saw that myself

I’m on 2.6.55 on iOS and didn’t work for me.

The “Save” button is greyed out until you choose which device it should speak it on. Maybe that’s the problem? Did you choose an Echo device?

We did not get in trouble with Alexa. They were actually on site at Wyze when we found out so that’s why we were able to talk about the risks and what would be the best response possible. Since they mentioned that cameras could be a problem, we decided to do a near full rollback.
The good thing here is that we have highlighted two issues in the certification process and are asking for improvements to address those issues.
As for the left opened/closed, unfortunately, no. This is not something supported by Alexa just yet so we don’t have a way to signal that to Alexa.


That was it! Once I picked a device it saved just fine. Dumb mistake on my part.

That said Alexas “bleep” is not very effective, nor much like a beep. It actually sounded fairly close to the original phrase.

Aw bummer. Are the open/closed buttons part of an Alexa interaction model, or do you guys build those buttons to say whatever you want? I figured instead of two buttons, you’d have 4, (Open, Closed, Left Open, and Left Closed) and the “left open/left closed” could trigger a numeric field or something. But if Alexa doesn’t support that, I understand. :slight_smile: Still thrilled to get what we’re getting.

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