Connecting Wyze Sense to Alexa

I added a brand new contact sensor it automatically showed up in Alexa devices , WOW :grinning:

I was very skeptical about this but it seems you have stumbled on a significant improvement with the wyze sensors :+1:

I really stumbled on it by accident. I was creating a routine for something completely different when I noticed that one of my sensors was in the list. For the fun of it, I created a routine and was amazed when it worked. After a little trial and error, I managed to figure out how to recreate it. I’m glad it’s working for everybody.


I’m super excited about this. I’ve wanted this for a long time. Phone notifications are great, but my phone is often on silence, so it’s great that I can just have Alexa tell me now. That’s what I wanted from day one.

I was curious if this meant that cameras are ALSO available as triggers now… I just tried reconnecting one of my cameras in the Wyze app, and unfortunately, it doesn’t look that way. BUT… it does look like maybe they’re working on it. The reason I say that is because prior to reconnecting it, the Wyze cams didn’t show up at all, as a device I could select when creating a routine. Now the camera DOES show up, although when I select it, it just gives me a popup error that says “This device is not currently supported.” But the fact that it’s in the list at all seems promising, maybe.


Hey, folks!

This technically isn’t released yet so that’s why we have been pretty quiet about it. What you’re accessing is pretty much an early stage beta test. So we hope you have fun and enjoy it! But be careful not to rely on it at this stage since it’s not fully stable yet. :slight_smile:


No problems so far, but I’ll be sure not to use it for prison security or something important like that. :slight_smile: Haha.


Whew! We were really concerned about that use case. :stuck_out_tongue:

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For my cats I added Alexa telling them there is a big dog in room. So far they are less than impressed. Newport did not even slow down walking to the Food bowls.

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To have Guard Dog speak, just say " Alexa , tell Guard Dog to Speak"

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Any time I think something’s going to be straightforward, it isn’t. Haha. You can make Alexa say whatever you want with a routine, but sound effects are another story. I actually made my own super simple Alexa skill in the developer portal that just plays a beep sound. It works if i invoke it with my voice, but the Alexa app doesn’t include it in the list of skills I can trigger from a routine, so I guess it has to be published in order to do that. I actually went ahead and submitted it, in case they’ll publish it. So maybe that’ll work in the future…

In the meantime, I actually DID figure out a way to make Alexa beep when a door opens, but the solution is kind of hilarious and ridiculous. In the routine, I just made Alexa say the F-word, because Alexa refuses to say it and replaces it with a beep. :joy:

Edit: I guess I should warn people that your mileage may vary, and I can’t guarantee it won’t make your Alexa do something offensive. Haha. It worked for me, but @rbruceporter said that he could still distinguish the foul language. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I uploaded a video of what mine does, though.




Be aware , if you restart your camera with the bridge you may have problems

What do you mean? Do the sensors stop cooperating with Alexa after a restart?

Because this is a early stage beta test , YMMV

Yeah, I know. I’m just asking, is that what happened for you?

No I have not restarted

My cats all zoomed under my bed! Now Newport keeps giving me dirty looks like ‘you got a dog!’.

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I just tried your bleep solution but Alexa won’t save the routine. If you ask her to say it she just says “I’d rather not answer that.”

I don’t have a Wyze door sensor. Mine is made by by another company. I’ve been using it with Alexa for some time now.

Here are some of the ways that worked best.

  1. Have Alexa say “door open” when the contact is broken and/or “door closed” when the contact is closed.

  2. Have Alexa start a playlist on a nearby Echo Dot speaker when the contact is broken and stop play when the contact is closed. The playlist can be a song that just plays a tone.

  3. Have Alexa turn on a light near the door when the contact is broken and turn it off again when the contact is closed.

Number 1 got annoying real fast. Number 2 works for the garage door, but for regular doors, playing music for a few seconds got annoying too. Number 3 turned out to work the best.

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