Connecting Wyze Sense to Alexa

Fair enough. I have a bunch of devices that are unassigned. For example, I didn’t bother assigning all my contact sensors, because I’m not doing any automations based on the room they’re in. And where would I put devices like my doorbell camera? Would I make a room called “Outside”? Haha.

I understand. My doorbell cam and an indoor cam with a view of the inside of the door are both in a room called EntryWay1 but like I said OCD lol :laughing:

My Ring doorbell camera is in the “Front Porch” room along with a Hue Light and several strings of LED lights mounted under the eaves of the house. Just inside the door would be the “Entryway” room.

If I did that, I’d have to make a room called “tree.” One of my Blink cameras is mounted on a tree in the backyard. :slight_smile: Haha


Thanks so much to the team for working on this! I’ve been crossing my fingers that it was in the works :smiley:

First, thank you, very much, for working on all this. It is very encouraging to see you guys really getting after this kind of stuff for us.

Question: When it’s all ready and released for our use, will both ‘Motion Detected’ AND ‘Person Detected’ on the cams be sent to Alexa as two distinct motion sensor events that we can build Routines on in the Alexa ecosystem?

My main reason for asking is that I’m always looking for ways of integrating the Wyze Cams ecosystem with SmartThings, and since there still isn’t a direct Wyze-to-SmartThings integration mechanism, it seems like Alexa would be a better, more reliable, and faster way of doing stuff like this than IFTTT.

Thanks again.
I love your stuff!! :slight_smile:

Great question. I’d like to know that too. I hope so!

If Wyze added a virtual switch, they wouldn’t even need to add this, per se, since it would allow users to create that routine on their own. I made a wishlist item for a virtual switch if you’d like to vote for it.

That’s the plan but we have some difficulties with the Motion Sensor with the camera so I don’t know if we are going to be able to implement this interface. The problem is that we have to signal to the back end when the motion is starting and we cannot signal the end of the motion to Alexa for at least 30 seconds.

Once the motion is started, I’m not sure that we have the signals for the end of the motion except for the case where a user is using CMC. I will have to dig into the firmware to understand how this is working exactly.


Is that an Alexa certification thing? Alexa requires that motion notices are sent within X milliseconds of when the motion begins? (As opposed to being within X milliseconds of when Wyze’s servers handle it?) And does Alexa feel the same way about person notifications?

If this limitation is unavoidable, (Wyze servers getting notified when motion starts) perhaps Wyze could consider adding a “virtual switch” that could be integrated with Alexa. This would allow users to create the routines they’re hoping for with an extra step or two. I created a wishlist item here and outlined a couple of example use-cases in that thread.

In this particular case, a user could:

  • Make a rule in the Wyze app that turns on a virtual switch when motion is detected on the camera.
  • Make a routine in Alexa that says “Motion is detected” (or whatever action they want to take) whenever the virtual switch is on, then turns the virtual switch off again.

You can already do this if you want to buy a Wyze Plug dedicated to this purpose, but it would require you to leave it plugged into the wall doing nothing, and you’d need one plug per “routine” you’re trying to make, dedicated to nothing except this purpose, which seems kinda pointless and wasteful.

Did you have any trouble w alexa finding your sensor? It’s not finding mine. Would love to know how

The functionality has not been officially released yet, it’s coming but not quite yet. :grinning:

A few people lucked into being able to connect some sensors during a time when some temporary code was running.

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I think mine were being recognized by alexa by simply going into name of the motion/contact sensor and updating it actually. Not sure there was/is even a need to re-add the devices. I started noticing because I was copy/pasting old names to re-add and getting alexa alerts for device found before I even re-added after the first few devices were re-added. Fyi.

Was that prior to November 8th? If you successfully added a sensor to Alexa before November 8th, you’ll still have it, but I think it’s not possible to add new ones anymore. Not yet anyway. They’re still working out the kinks.


Any news on this? I got mine working a while ago and after an hour power outage is gone :frowning:

As far as I know it is not yet released with no actual product or feature announcement. I would imagine it will be soon but you never know.

Keep your fingers crossed!

Nope, that was on the day i posted the original message, Nov 16th. FYI,

THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH FOR IMPLEMENTING THIS (i missed when the beta was going on) can’t wait for it to be published as well!! have alot of plans for this feature!


We’re getting close! We have most of it in production now but there are a couple things that we’re still working on so we haven’t done the full announcement yet. :slight_smile:


So, How’s it going with the Alexa integration?

Integration with Alexa routines is up and running. There are still some aspect that are wanted. You can vote for or comment on those here:

Add more Alexa Actions

Add more Alexa Triggers