Connecting to new Network name w/o setup button


I have a Cam in a VERY hard to reach location (under an eve on the side of my house second story). Is it possible to resync the Cam to my new SSID without climbing up there and pressing the setup button?


You could always change your SSID to the old one with the old password and that would work.

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Hello @djclint89, When you are changing the SSID you have to go through the setup process again by pressing the button. You can check out some more detailed instructions HERE.

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Without knowing why you are changing your SSID, the easiest solution is the one @Demonfire suggested. If for some reason you can’t do that, there’s one more option that comes to mind. That is to use a mini-router (about $20) as a bridge from your new to your old SSID. Here are detailed instructions:


Thank you for the replies @Demonfire, @mixonepa and @Loki. I had to change network info for security reasons, so reverting back to previous is not an option.

The bridge is a good idea. Looks like I could even set that up with an old router laying around collecting dust and ONLY put the Cam on it. Will check into that