Connect to Siri

Yes they do…at least in some fashion. I have a smart ir blaster I got off Amazon. Broadlink. It has connect to Siri option in their app. I can create a shortcut voice command to turn on or off any item I have programmed in in their app. It lacks other controls like change temp or channel etc, but for most devices I have, I just want to turn on or off via voice, it works fine to say Hey Siri, turn on/off xyz. It does not support homekit btw.

So far, it does seem overall, Apple is much more limited in the smart home venue compared to competitors. To this I was not aware until I started to use iOS a bit.

Siri was best in class for a very long time and they fell behind the competition, Alexa and then Google Home took over completely. For the home, they never really played into it but finally realized that they needed to be there.
The fact that HomePod mini is prices soooo low (for an apple product) is a clear sign that they want back in that game. The second big tell was the inclusion of Thread in the HomePod mini! That was a clear shot in the home automation direction. It has been confirmed again by the inclusion of Thread in the new Apple TV and seeing their level of participation in Matter.

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Poor Bixby, he hasn’t even made it into this convo :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy:


Poor Bixby? Cortana has basically been executed and purged from all memory…

But Wyze AI is a new growing toddler and already more useful than Cortana ever was…

Siri has some catching up to do to get back up to Google/Alexa standards.


A first party HomeKit integration would be swell.

In the meantime, I just found out that it’s possible to get Wyze devices into the Apple Home ecosystem via Home Assistant. It’s a free, open source, customizable app that runs locally on a computer or IoT device.

I got HA set up on a Raspberry Pi and installed the HomeKit and Wyze integrations and now I can control my Wyze bulbs, locks, and cameras through Siri and the Home app. Pretty sweet.