Connect an External Speaker

A usb port to connect to an external: VAVA VOOM type speaker? OR any other external type speaker to get a VERY LOUD sound output?

Not sure if the existing usb port will do this?

Current speaker is good but sometimes i would like to connect my wyze cam audio to an external speaker so people in place can hear me easily. so it would be great to include a 3.5 mm Jack into the cams!

I would like to add a wireless speaker and the sound needs to be improved I can’t hear what the other person is saying. And it would be helpful if we could add a wireless speaker to boost sound and talk into.

Hi Wyze,
I would love to be able to talk to people (“You are on a private property, please leave :slight_smile:!”) . Currently it is possible, but I need to shout into my phone to have a almost ok sound from the builtin speaker.
Maybe a mini jack female plug would be a solution.
Also according to IA, we could have pre-recorded messages that would be triggered upon detection of a person. (“What a new killer function!!! well done William!” :slight_smile: “Thanks Wyze team:”).

  • “Hi, Welcome in the Parker’s villa. Please follow lights and enjoy cocktails”
  • “you are not welcome, please leave!”
  • “Smile, you’re being filmed”
  • etc…

SD card could have these audio files in a folder in order to ensure the less latency and the best reactivity.

Thanks, you’re welcome :relaxed:
Kind regards,