Confused about record to local SD card versus cloud recording



Bear with me guys, this might be something that the devs take for granted, but I am simply wondering, if I set it to record, continuously or when motion detected, to an SD card, will it STILL record alert videos to the cloud? I can’t see an answer to this simple question in the FAQs, and I can’t check by switching off camera since when i do, the app doesn’t show much (see my other question).


Yes, it still records the cloud alert videos.


I have a related question. When it comes to recording on the internal sd card, everything i read says it will record continuously to the card. But can you set it up so it will record motion events to the SD card? Thanks.


I use the android app, if you are on apple it might be different, I don’t know.

Select a camera, touch the gear icon in the top right corner for “settings”, under “advanced settings” you can select record on event or continuous recording, as well as local recording to microSD.


I suggest using continuous recording to microSD, easier to scroll back through the playback function to any point in the timeline you want to see, I had a harder time using the playback feature with ‘record on event’ selected.