Configuring doorbell alerts

We have a doorbell (so far) for our ward in another state.

I found today that it put an alert on my screen when the doorbell was rung today, but if there was a sound, I sure missed it (volume was on).

Where do I configure this for good measure? I thought I had seen a way to configure how it sent messages, but I sure can’t find it now.

if it makes a difference, it is shared to the account on my phone, rather than being on that account.

You have limited control when a device is shared with you. However, you actually have it do a VoIP call to you which will actually ring your phone like a phone call. I use this all the time.

I also checked to see if my wife, who I share the doorbell with, gets a phone call as well, and she does.

To see if you have that ability: Start the App, go to the Account Menu (bottom right), go to Notifications, go to Push Notification, and see if you have VoIP as an option. if you do turn it on. you will be notified as if it is a phone call.

Here are some pictures:


I have full control of both accounts; they are separate for accounting purposes for the conservatorship–so anything that can been done in either is possible.

I have it set to call me; we’ll see how that goes . . .

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