Configuring alerts for invited viewers

This would be a great addition.

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Bumping to the top. This would indeed be a great addition. I have two pods of cams in two different facilities with family users that all want different alerting criteria. The “fix” now if for one of the family users to go in and turn off alerting for the devices they don’t want to hear from which does it for everyone. Not optimal.

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Deciding if I should delete the cameras that were shared with me because of getting flooded with other people’s notifications :frowning: really wish I could disable shared cams notification for my device.

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Me too. Had to have them un-share as they want notifications but I do not need them for their cameral…

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I bought my folks a couple of cameras as a stocking stuffer for Christmas. After all is setup, and we do two-way sharing, I did get an e-mail for my dad asking why he’s seeing notifications for the boiler room (in my house). The only way I could see to fix the situation is to unshare that camera, since I want to get notifications. Just want to add my vote for adding per-user notification settings, not just per camera. Thank you.

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Our family LOVES Wyze products! We’ve got over 30 cameras already among our households! Here’s our problem…

We share most of our outdoor cameras with each other. That’s great, except we ALL get EVERY notification from EVERY camera shared with us. Too much! Usually only the OWNER of the camera wants to be notified of packages on the porch or people walking by, or motion detected, etc, but as it is now, everyone is getting all notifications. Makes then want to disable notifications, except then they won’t get their OWN ones either, right?

How do we turn off notifications for cameras that are shared with us? That “Notifications toggle switch” is not there for shared cameras, and only shows up on ones WE own? If anything we’d prefer to never get shared ones rather than getting all of them.

Notification Overloaded!


Did you ever get help with this? This has been an ongoing issues for years now. Unless there was a fix I didn’t hear about. People with a shared device (cameras) don’t have the ability to quiet or turn off that device’s notifications. Even setting up a schedule doesn’t seem to work. I have two schedules set up on my phone for a shared device (camera shared with me) that I don’t want to keep hearing notifications about. It doesn’t work. I keep getting notifications. The owner of the device has to turn off their own notifications on the device settings for it to work… And then it affects us both. It doesn’t make sense that this is still an issue after all these years.


Agree with JJC. Wish you could turn off notifications from shared devices!

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unsharing cameras is the only realistic solution to not getting spammed with unwanted alerts. wyze might as well remove the entire sharing camera feature.


I used to only get notified with my own cam since installing cam in Aug. But since i uninstalled and reinstalled app last Sunday, I am getting notified on shared cams as well on my Android.

Still haven’t heard of any repsonse on this! It’s been since 2018 that people have complained. Wow.

My question is… Don’t ANY people who work at Wyze share any of their feeds with each other or family members? If they do, then they’d go crazy getting all the alerts for cameras others shared with them, right?

Howcome nobody else minds getting flooded with alerts? Do they just turn off ALL Wyze notifications? If so, what an awful solution!

PLEASE FIX THIS! It’s a real problem!

John - Wyze Lover Here with > 40 cameras in our family! (and all of us had to shut off our notifications and are really uhnappy with it!)


jjc, glad to hear wyze fixed the problem for you.

Seriously, no solution to this yet?

Just bumping this.

Is anyone from Wyze monitoring this?

Help us Wyze, you’re our only hope!:tired_face:

Having the same issue as everyone here. I have my own cameras that I want to get notifications from but at the same time have some cameras that are shared by my family that I would like to keep tabs on but don’t need the overload of notifications.

PLEASE allow me to customize the notifications that I receive from shared devices!!!

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This is stupid. I WANT to get messages from my own Wyze cames. I DO NOT want to get notifications from cameras shared with me. If I turn off notifications in Android ALL notifications are turned off. If the other person turns off notifications They no longer get their own notifications.


any fix for this? if not, then there is no joy in sharing

Please add this feature!

We all want to pick which cameras send us notifictaions (including shared ones)!

Is it SO hard that you can’t program that in over two years?

Every time I talk someone into Wyze cameras the FIRST complaint they come back at me with is… Why can’t I turn off notifications from shared cameras but get them on mine? I tell them… I DON’T KNOW?

Do you?

This is embarrassing. :frowning:

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Came looking for how to set this up and very disappointed that this has been asked for yet not implemented yet.

I keep tabs on my parents home but I don’t want to receive the notifications from those cameras that are shared with me. A little off-putting as I had have three unopened cameras to set up but my parents don’t seem to want to continue.