Concerns about people using Wyze Indoors

I found that people generally have a tell. When someone does weird stuff it’s usually obvious or at least detectable,

You, sir, were never a soldier.

I don’t usually hear Air Force folks refer to themselves as “soldiers”
I wasn’t in the Air Force, I was in the Navy, but I’m a member of my local VFW post and I can’t ever recall any of the Air Force guys calling themselves that. It’s definitely not used by us squid types. Sailor, squid or just plain vet, but never soldier.


Wyze cams can be turned off easily within the Wyze app., or add a “Rule” to automate the process. We’ve grouped the indoor cameras to turn entire sections on/off at once. BTW, this also works within Alexa by using their “hide” voice command.
In my opinion, we don’t need superflous smart devices clogging up our systems just for this.

P.S. In one installation we have over 200 networked devices. including 26 Wyze cameras and several IP cameras, and simply don’t have room for another layer of redundancy in our current system.

P.P.S. Air Force here, never refered to myself as a “Soldier,” (nothing against soldiers.) Also a college grad, and I don’t usually substitute “there” for “thier.”


(We’re way off topic so I’ll be brief. Sailors in the Navy and CG, Soldiers in the Army, Airmen in the USAF. National Guards and Reserves follow their services. :slight_smile:

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I hear you, but FWIW, when the Wyze camera is simply turned off via the Wyze app, it’s not technically powered down. This is most demonstrable by the fact that the corresponding sensors (eg door, window) still send notifications, and - to a more technical degree - by monitoring network traffic.

When powered off, my Wyze cam’s do indeed intermittently wake, appear on my network, phone home, then go back to “sleep”. In this situation, they could still be vulnerable to outside attack when powered off by the app.

The fail-proof method of shutting it down is to pull the plug, or otherwise cut power to the device, which can be done with the aforementioned smart outlets.

It’s “their”.
Just teasing…, I know it was a typo. :smiley:

My cameras are always on. Notifications are off while we are home.

Umm, no. This is your perspective which you’re entitled to but don’t chastise others. I use my indoor cameras to make sure my almost 90 year old mother hasn’t fallen in her home. She relies on my monitoring to make sure she is safe. Rethink your rant.


javier: you’re a cop. my guess for you is that this could be more applicable to your sensitivities – that you do not trust yourself to responsibly use cams in the home because you may perhaps always look for bad behavior in others (which may include your family members in the home). therefore, FOR YOU, no cams in the house. out of sight, out of mind. whatever works for you.


“this is a psychological analysis”: fails to establish ANY kind of credentials to create any kind of analysis.

You don’t agree with cameras in a house, because they create an environment that rarely leads to good outcomes.
I’m gonna assume your jails and prisons had them, no? Did you petition the state to remove them for failing to create an environment productive for rehabilitation? I doubt it.

You installed security cameras. That watch people. Who may or may not be aware they are being watched. Did you ever berate yourself for being implicit in the creation of an involuntary surveillance state? No, you made money off of it.

It’s very telling that you seem to think you’re qualified to determine what surveillance is detrimental and which isn’t, considering your entire expertise involves armed enforcement, control, and not a single shred of psychological mastery (no, you’re psych 102 classes don’t qualify you).

Maybe understand that people view home security differently than you do. They they can teach their family to be ok with some level of security and are responsible enough to know how/ when to turn it off or remove it. Your blanket statements on all internal surveillance is harmful is short sighted, incomplete, and hardly resembles anything close to factual.

Maybe stick to helping people resolve issues with their Network settings and camera issues, and back off accusing others of psychological issues which you are ill equiped to assess.


Who asked for the dissertation?


I use my cameras to occasionally watch my cats and to see if the delivery guy left my packages in view of the street. Its not spying and my home is not a prison.

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@javier.garcon Why are you hear?

OK, bye.

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I turn my indoor cams in towards the wall, when I’m at home. When I leave, I turn them out towards the room. Make it part of your routine.

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That Belkin plug was only 3 times the cost of the Wyze plug! Don’t think Wyze will lose any sales from the folks reading this forum.

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Well said!

I respect your concerns about hose of us who CHOOSE to have our cams indoors- but- clearly- you are under the impression we do it just to spy on who resides with us… or for those who live alone to spy on those visiting- - I realize there are some who probably fit in that perspective- but I personally have cameras inside & outside… I have cameras watching cameras… I DO spy on who is visiting… whether that be repair people or even my own family EG: when I’m at work & want to be certain the rugrat didn’t leave a candle burning/ or forget to shut the garage… or if someone just knocks on the door- I have the camera recording what transpired -& yes I have cameras in my bedroom in case someone enters it when I’m not home- I also have cameras in the office in case someone uses my computer… I use the same theory at work- & outside- my cameras catches who walks their dog & doesn’t pick up after it… it catches who is breaking into a car a block away… it also catches when kids are using the driveway to do their skateboard tricks on… & when they fall… most cameras are used for safety/evidence- those who use them for devious reasons are few & they tend to hide their cameras… those of us who don’t hide them are using them for the right reasons…

It’s an open forum… I guess anyone can post comments. Opinions too. Makes me fell good to know someone cares enough about all of us out here. To take time out of their busy day to tell us how to place my cameras.
Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us???

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