Complete Motion Recording + Playback on Wyze Cam Outdoor SD cards


I have read that this feature is not available as it runs on a battery and would drain it quickly. But this argument doesn’t stand up as you can get full length recordings in the cloud from Cam Plus. The drain on the battery is the same or negligibly different.

I feel strongly that the camera is owned by me and I should decide how to preserve the battery, not Wyze “big brother governance”.

It says to me that Wyze are trying to armbar you into buying cam plus. Not an approach you expect from a company that strives to be modern, dynamic and cutting edge. Cloud storage security is enough for people to want to buy cam plus.


Welcome to the Club Frustration.

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Viewing SD card Recordings in App - Cam outdoor

There needs to be an option to view the recorded time lapses or scheduled recordings stored on the SD storage devices of the Cam outdoor and the base station. It sucks that the other cameras have a view playback option but the only way to view playback on the Cam outdoor is by removing the SD card and inserting it into a PC. This should have been available on release of the camera IMO.

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I don’t know if this is the thread to post this or not?

I am a business owner and I have many cams for my facility including two outdoor cams. On three different occasions I’ve been called upon for cam footage by the police department, I pay extra for the cam plus just to have the recordings when asked or called upon. This last time I was asked for footage I couldn’t get it because the police had missed the calling by one day. What I would like to see is wyze to extend the days of holding a recording from 14 days to 30 days, just for the sole purpose of the footage is needed by the police.


Cam Outdoor cooldown setting & backup to base station

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Please allow 0 min recording cooldown time for those who want it. My Wyze Cam outdoor only infrequently captures events. But for the events that it does capture, I don’t want a delay of a minute. Not everyone is concerned about battery life… Also, please allow backup to base station when one has a subscription to cam plus. It makes no sense to remove this feature. If someone were to steal my camera, then all I would have left are the very short few seconds of video recorded in the wyze cloud. I’d like to have the base station recordings too. Thanks!
Concerned customer (who has 4 of your Wyze cams!).

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Along those lines, one of my outdoor cams quit recording video all together. Images yes. Video no. Ah, but you’ll say it needs Cam Plus Lute because of the change about that time. And I’d agree with you if it didn’t already have Cam Plus. However, if it helps, even with Cam Plus,
the shortest cooldown I can set is one minute, not zero like the others with Cam Plus. Anyone have any suggestions? It’s frustrating to pay for Cam Plus for it if it won’t record video…

Thx in advance!

I have an SD card in my base and in my outdoor cams. The cams are set to “back up to base”. When I first bought my cams I had 12 sec videos on the SD cards in my cams and the SD card in the base. Under the new “need to use Cam Plus lite” system (which I am not signed up for). I only get thumbnails on the SD card in my cams, but get both 12 sec videos and thumbnails on the SD card in my Base Station. However there is No play back option for the Base Station in the app, you have to remove the SD card and insert it in a card reader to view it. I would like to see a playback option for the base station in the app.

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The thumbnails should only be appearing in the events tab and not on the Sd card. Cam plus lite only changed the cloud event recordings. It did not change the way the Sd card works.

The events tab in the app does not and has never shown SD events. That tab is specifically for cloud event recordings.

Yes I know that the Events tab is only showing the thumbnails that are stored in the cloud, not the SD card, but the SD card is recording the thumbnails (prior to CPL is recorded the 12 sec videos).
I will clarify, When I Pull the SD card out of the camera and view the contents on a Computer, before CPL came out (which I do not have), the 12 sec vids were on the SD card. Now there are only thumbnails on the SD card.
However if I Pull the SD card out of my base and view the contents of it on my Computer I have both vids and thumbnails from my cameras. I wish there was a way to view IN the App the contents of the SD card in the Base so I didn’t have to pull it and put it in my computer since it is recording 12 sec videos.

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Hmmm, that shouldn’t happen as far as I know. I haven’t experienced that myself.

It’s a shame that everyone that has a Wyze outdoor cam wants a proper playback and motion recording to the SD card. Here we are in 2022 and Wyze absolutely refuses to do it.


Outdoor V1 &V2 cameras



View Playback mode Wyze cam outdoor

One of the best features of the pan cameras was the playback feature that allows you to view playback off the installed sim card. The outdoor cam does not offer this function, according to tech support because it would affect the battery life of the cam. To some people, that may not matter. Why not make it an option to have a playback button or not in steetings with a disclaimer that if selected battery life will be affected. The camera is magnetically mounted, so taking it down to charge it is no big deal to me.

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Please fix the playback asap. I am still waiting for the playback to be returned on the outdoor cam as well as the base station.Please do this asap or refund my money! This equipment is garbage without the playback function. And NO! I do not want to subscribe! That is why I own so many Wyze devices. A coincidence that playback is gone now that Wyze is offering subscriptions. I am very disappointed to say the least. I also bought Wyze devices for many friends and family over the years. I won’t be doing that anymore if this doesn’t get fixed asap!
I have a disabled adult living with me and having playback could mean life or death to this person. Wyze can’t just take away a function that the devices were sold to do! Why do I own the base station? I was told the cam would back up to it as well a the doorbell I bought. I feel like I am being squeezed into buying a subscription. There must be something legal in this, especially when I bought it for someone’s safety and those features were taken away after the devices were in place.
Fix it. Soon. Please.

I thought I had this in the past, being able to play back video on the outdoor battery camera. Now they want you to remove the sim card and insert into a computer. I also found out that you need to schedule recordings to get it to record to a sim and that schedule can’t be “always”, you can set it up for 30 days and then have to ‘reset’ it for another 30 days.

I know this post is a couple years old, but I just spent some time with tech support and wanted to share what I learned. If you put an SD card in your outdoor cam, my understanding is it will NOT record to it just because you have Event Recordings set up (I have people and pets on cam plus). I get events, but there’s no recording on the SIM. What I found out was that you have to setup “Scheduled Recording” under the More section. I’ve set it up for Motion recording, I want to “Always” do this, but the longest you can set it for is 30 days and then you have to restart this recording schedule. Honestly, the camera should just record to the SD card if you have “Event Recording” set and you SHOULD be able to pull up playback without having to remove the sim and install it in a computer!

When I first got the outdoor cam all of my events were able to be played through the base station, hence its purpose. So many here have told me that they have never been able to playback events, but I know I did through the base station. Right now these two pieces of equipment are garbage. They don’t work. The reason I bought Wyze was for the ease of recording and playing back to the SD card. My fear is that Wyze will eliminate this feature on all of their cams, therefore I am looking to replace my entire set of cams.