Complete Motion Recording + Playback on Wyze Cam Outdoor SD cards

Are we ever going to get what we actually requested: complete motion recordings to SD like the original Wyze cams?

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They want us to pay for cam plus. I really wish they had told us that another outdoor cam was in the works because I would have bought the v3 instead. I invested in 3 outdoor cam packages during pre-order because I stupidly assumed we would have the ability to record to sd. I’m really not impressed with 12 seconds of recording ability. I’m not investing another dime in Wyze until they give us the sd option.

I had this problem, using a 64Gb micro SD card. Apparently cards used in Wyze cam must be formatted with “FAT32.” The camera couldn’t format the larger cards with that method. Neither can Windows 10, out of the box. I found and downloaded a Windows 10 app that will force-format my 64Gb card with FAT32. Apparently using FAT32 with larger cards uses the memory inefficiently, which is why it is not a standard option.

I force-formatted the card with FAT32 via my PC, and then installed the card into the camera. The camera recognizes the card now.


Why can’t the outdoor camera record events to SD card? Currently the camera is useless with only 12s clips. As it pertains to recording, why cant it record to the SD cards as if it was cam plus? That should be an option. Facial recognition and all the other cloud computing can be a part of cam plus, but basic event recording should be allowed on the SD. Using battery life excuse is BS. It should be an option that users can decide. Plus, its not like cam plus adds battery life. If the business model is subscription service then the camera should be free. I bought a bunch of these outdoor cameras and these limitations are not clear on advertisements. Now they are next to useless without getting cam plus. The V3s are cheap, but these outdoors are not all that cheap.

Recommend a firmware patch to allow recording to SD cards similarly to cam plus recording. You can add cloud computing ooglies to sell the cam plus. But not allowing basic functions and basically requiring a subscription without clearly stating it is fraud. I seriously feel like i bought some limited function trialware with these cameras.


If cam plus can record longer than 12s, why cant that same option and footage be recorded to the SD. Its not like camp plus adds battery life somehow, and its not like it takes all that much more power to write on SD card.
I’d rather the “free” cloud be rolling 3 days and have 1 minute clips. Let cam plus have pay for 14days.

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The basic issue is that Wyze needs to build a business with a large recurring revenue base if they intend to roll out an IPO. The original Amazon employees who started the company had a great core philosophy, but reality set in and their decisions are being made for different reasons.


If WCO can not record to SD card, why was it built with an SD card slot? i can also format the SD card inside the WCO in the advanced settings.

I too want to record to SD on the WCO, was trying to find out how to do so when I found this thread.

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So my sd card is doing nothing ? Is it really true once my 14 day trial ends And I don’t renew that my v3 will only record 12 second clips and not all motion to sd card until motion stops ? Or maybe outdoor cam only has this limitation ? If v3 won’t record to sd and won’t record more than 12 second clips than I won’t and soooo many won’t promote your product. I can’t even disable the 14 day trial to test this now. So if this is the case you’re not only going to,piss me and many people off temporarily until they find another system. It will be a prolonged off pissing.

This Wishlist topic is related to the Wyze Outdoor Cam, not the v3 cam.

14-day Cam Plus trial, 12-second clips and 5-minute cooldown period are terms associated to Events captured by your v3 and stored in the cloud. That cloud storage is completely independent of SD storage. You can set your v3 to record to SD continuously or events-only. There are no restrictions associated to SD recording on a v3.

Your SD card in your v3 is doing what you set it to do in the app. Expiration of your trial affects cloud storage of Events, not your SD card storage.

If you don’t renew before trial expiration, your v3 will only record 12-second Events to the cloud with a 5-minute cooldown period before another 12-second Event can be recorded and uploaded to the cloud. If you have an SD card installed and configured in the app settings, either the complete Event or continuous recording will also occur independently of cloud processing.

That is correct… it’s a WCO limitation implemented to prevent severe battery drain. Your v3 cam doesn’t have this limitation because it is continuously powered via USB.

This Wishlist topic is the “voice” of WCO owners requesting that Wyze remove the WCO limitations and allow owners to decide whether complete Event and continuous recording to SD is a good tradeoff to shorter battery life.

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Battery life is the most illogical and BS excuse ever. How much more power does it take to write the SD card compared to sending to the cloud under camPlus? No way is it that much more. Most people either either dont have the ISP bandwidth faster than modern MicroSD write speed. Even if they do, most people dont have a router with enough wifi throughput. And to top it off, the bottle neck to uploading to the cloud is likely the connection between the camera and base station. So why the hell does camPlus not have a “battery life” concern?
Hell, if battery life is really a concern they should figure out whats causing the battery drain on low signal to the base station. My cam that is low signal drains 2x faster than the one with normal signal.
If the company just wanted to change the business model then so be it. Be upfront about it. Dont insult people’s intelligence with the BS excuse of battery life concerns. Plenty of cameras require subscription, but it isnt masked by a pathetic excuse.

@Seapup i suggest putting air quotes on “battery drain” on your next response using it. Thats factual.


Charge you WCO to 100%, set it do a scheduled recording to SD for 30 days with activity and report back.

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And do then what? Compare apples to oranges? We want longer event clips recorded to the SD, The same option as CamPlus recording to the cloud.

And i currently do have it scheduled for 30 days event scheduled recording. First time i checked the footage on the SD from the camera that needed charging, the video file seems corrupted. I had artifact, stutters, freezes, green screen and pixelation. Im giving wyze the benefit of the doubt and blame it on the SD card. I slow formated the SD card, then formated it again using the camera. Once the other cameras need charging i will confirm if its SD card fault or camera fault. Then ill check the base station SD. It will be kind of funny if it turns out that it isnt battery drain or a shift in business model but actually just accidental hardware turd. But instead of scraping it, they decide to pass that mistake to fans. I think i heard they were working on WCO 2nd gen soon. This theory rant is oure conjecture at this point since ive only view 1 SD card om the computer. Ill report back if all 4 SD cards have issues.

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Alright, i confirmed it with all 4 SD cards. Files saved to local SD is corrupted. File is playablr but Frame freezes, green screen, severe artifacts. Basically only 20% of thr video total is clear and smooth. Meaning thats 20% is spread out through out the video which means the whole video is useless. This is on 3 WCO SD card and 1 base station SD. 2 cards directly from Wyze and 2 other card with different brands. So 3 different card makers. I am using the beta wyze app to set the scheduled motion only recording. I dont know if that feature is in the non beta app. But the app is not related to the recording and writing of the camera.

It looks like it’s not a battery drain issue or a subscription only model change. It appears that its a design flaw cover up. They dont allow local recording because people will know that it is not reliable and have a lot of corrupted files. I assume they can’t fix it cuz they havent yet. Probably a hardware issue that’s why WCO 2.0 is in the works.

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I have the same problem with motion only recordings on the WCO SD cards. Multiple high endurance 32 - 64 GB cards and cameras later, most of my clips contain flickers, green screens and freezes when viewed in the app and desktop. I have set the camera next to the base station, connect the base station via ethernet instead of wifi - same problems. Called in multiple times with customer support and even sent app logs a couple of times to the engineers. I was told by multiple representatives that I am the first to report this problem, and the engineers cannot reproduce the green screens and found nothing suspicious in the app log. If they can ever reproduce the problem, the fix will be released in the firmware or the app. There is no other way to track their progress or to escalate anymore. This is as high as it goes. Wyze has sent me replacement camera, but the problems persisted.

I’m relieved to hear that I’m not the only one experience the same issues.

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I think thats a blatant lie. What are the odds of 3 camera purchased at different times having the same problem. One of the base was a replacement too. I challenge everyone on this thread to try it. Set scheduled recording, motion only, 30seconds, 1 min cooldown. Leave the camera in a place that you will get a goof amount of events. Then pull the card to view on the computer. And report here. Best case scenario Wyze really didnt know and they can fix it.

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Scheduled recordings. Guess we have to predict when a crime will be committed so we can catch the purpose in the act. Outdoor cams are useless. They were introduced way before ready. And Wyze want to be your guardian angel and prevent you from running out your battery too soon. I did not know I needed a nanny to tell me how to run my cams. I only bought 2, but wish I had that money now to buy v3 cams. And the mounting options for the outdoor cam are terrible. The magnet is in the removable base, not in the cam housing. What genius came up with that? Can’t even attach it to a metal surface easily like v2 or v3.

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To be fair though schedule recording can be set up for a month at a time which is about when it needs a recharge. But lets cover up the hardware issue. People please reproduce it and post it here.

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I just installed 3 different Ring systems on 3 different homes. Yes, the pricing is significantly more…but what an upgrade over the Wyze outdoor system I foolishly bought for my own home. I will probably have to give these away to someone because I would be embarrassed to resale them to anyone. Motion detection notifications are sluggish, can’t record and view extended events on sd card from the app, takes for ever to get a live feed connection, etc… The list just goes on and on! Waste of money and seriously detracts from any brand equity Wyze was building. Slow down the product expansions and focus on getting you current items to work as your customers are demanding!


The list goes on and on. Well spoken.

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I found that Ring’s ~2 minute delays were just not worth the risk since I have a specific security concern.

Wyze is faster, but the outdoor cam keeps crashing and not functioning right (which is why I’m on the forum for help because, well, no tech help for the long Memorial Day weekend??!?). That specific security concern is serious this weekend.