Complete Motion Capture Website Ready for Beta Testing

Re-enabling person detection worked for me with CMC. Everything is good now. Thanks @rbruceporter for the tip.

Glad it worked for you as well. Mine is working again as well.

Great. Been waiting with patience. Thinking about ordering a dozen of the V2. Any expected Black Friday deals? Thanks

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I am seeing longer clips on my designated cam v2. Which is nice😀. One item that I think people will want however is to use the sense motion sensor as a time helper. This camera is in my garage, and the entry to my house isn’t visible from the camera location. I have a motion sensor in that space however. Certainly understand how challenging combining the two functions will be, but I also know people that have both won’t be as forgiving. Lol.

Feature request - future release
I would prefer being able to specify min/max time and cool down clocks myself for each camera I decide to purchase the feature.

Ability to get “x” number of seconds in advance of the activated clip. (Example Get 10 seconds before the motion trigger). Not sure that there is enough memory for that capability.

Overall iOS app seems stable… only running the beta code on the one camera right now, ie the v2…and it also has the sense bridge

My environment - house and two barns - remote vacation house. I’m limited on internet bandwidth, dsl from CTL, only 3Mbps down, <1Mbps up (grrrrrrr)
11 Cam v2’s
2 Pan cams
2 sense bridges
2 Lights
2 Plugs



Not sure. I don’t think they’ve teased anything yet. If so, I haven’t seen it. I imagine they’ll do something, but you missed Wyze Day on the October 24th, when they offered free shipping on everything. That was a pretty good deal considering the existing shipping system seems to build profit into each item, which is why the price everywhere else is equivalent to the camera + shipping on the Wyze site. The effective discount for Wyze Day was around ~20-25%, depending on quantity. I’m not sure if they’ll repeat the Wyze Day deal or not, but I wouldn’t expect a better deal than that on Black Friday. They operate on pretty slim margins. Last year, I don’t think they offered any discounts on Black Friday, but they offered a limited-edition black camera.

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I agree. I made a thread about the exact same thing here. Complete Motion Capture - User-Configurable Length and Cooldown For me, it makes the difference of whether it’s a useful feature or not, honestly. I don’t really need CMC since I’ve got an SD card, but being able to define the max clip length and cooldown would help with some of the other limitations the Wyze cams currently have, and I’d be happy to pay $1.50 a month for that.

Currently I think it gives you 3 seconds before the trigger. I’m not sure how often it purges the memory, but it’s obviously 3 seconds or more.

Unless it’s a beta test of the service or website and it should say something about the need for beta sw or fw on the site. It could have been one sentence, but they managed to explain all about the cost. That said, they probably know who is in the beta and probably could have flagged it and notified me when I was paying for a service I couldn’t use.

It IS a beta test of the service and website. The URL is literally

The non-beta (not yet launched) version is at

When they listed the URL here for the beta testers, they included the code to make it free.

Any time a topic is posted in the #beta category by a Wyze employee, they are referring to a beta service or feature, which requires the beta app, and the beta firmware. If you want to test that feature and/or service, then you would need to join the beta program. Please read the entire page at the link I just posted. :slight_smile:


And where is that line that says software hardware requirements? When I go to the forum I start with New posts. That one was 1st. It could easily have said “you’ll need to be in the beta program before you can use this feature”

Just cancel it. When you start, it starts with a 14-day trial, and I don’t think the site has even been active for 14 days. As far as I know, you shouldn’t have been charged a cent yet. If you have been, just contact Wyze support and I’m sure they’ll refund you.

I haven’t been charged, but they took the cc info and I would expect to be charged in a couple weeks. I’ve already canceled it and I’ll sign up again when they release it. I was buzzed up because of the timing. I thought how convenient. I was leaving the state for over a week and thought it would be useful. I’d even enroll in the beta, but I can’t do the fw flash until I’m home.

Firmware doesn’t need to be manually flashed for beta. There’s beta firmware, but it’s updated through the app.

Well, that will give me something to do when I’m stuck in a motel later tonight.

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I too am frustrated and also confused. I signed up using the code and entering cc info as required and nothing worked. I contacted help and requested info on what I was supposed to do and received a response that didn’t answer my question. I joined the beta program but CMC didn’t work on that either. I quickly left the program and returned to the regular app. Now my event videos are frozen and will not open.

When you say “nothing worked,” what exactly happened? You walked in front of the camera and nothing ever registered? No events at all? Were you able to live view the camera? Was your SD recording working (If you have an SD card)

Nothing worked was in reference to signing up with my credit card for CMC and the CMC didn’t work. Afterwards I tried a beta version of the app which did nothing so I went back to the original app. However, events on that app showed but wouldn’t play. I would see a thumbnail but it wouldn’t open. My SD card worked just fine. My events on another camera played back properly as usual. Since posting that I re-installed the camera and it is working but not the CMC features.

If you reinstalled the standard app instead of beta, I think CMC won’t work. Your camera would also need to be on the beta firmware.


I got the email yesterday about the beta program for Complete Motion Capture, so I subscribed to it for all 4 of my cameras. However, events are still being recorded using the 5 minute cool down period between recorded events. I don’t see any settings that need to be changed, nor do I see a special tab that Complete Motion events are stored separately from normal events or anything like that.

Am I missing something, or is something screwed up? Thanks

I just noticed on the Complete Motion beta testing page that the “complete motion” events seem to be stored within the regular events tab in the app Unless that’s wrong, then my cameras aren’t recording CMC, even though I have them all subscribed for it. Hmmm