Community Spotlight 4/12 - kyphos


It’s time again for our Community Spotlight!

For people who have recently joined us, we nominate someone to win a prize for their engagement in the forums every couple of weeks. There are multiple ways to qualify such as giving us detailed bug reports (including app and firmware versions), awesome video contributions, or community helpfulness. After someone wins, they won’t be eligible to win again for 6 months so that everyone has the opportunity to hold the Spotlight. This may be adjusted later but we’ll let you know if that happens.

@kyphos is holding the Community Spotlight this time! They’ve been a consistent presence here and help with testing bug fixes (or reporting concerns about them not working) and assisting other community members. They recently researched how to slow down a time lapse video that had been recorded by someone and shared their findings.

Thank you, kyphos! There’s a message coming your way to request your shipping address for your limited edition Wyze Cam v2. :slight_smile:


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Go, @kyphos!

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Congrats! And thanks for all your help here.



way to go man. the limited edition is pretty cool. I think you will enjoy it. :slight_smile:

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Way to go!!! Congrats:clap:

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the one I got wasn’t clear :slight_smile:

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Congrats @kyphos :clap:t5::clap:t5:

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Congrats !! @kyphos

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Wow!! It’s quite an honour being selected. I really appreciate it.


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