Community Spotlight 3/15 - Bam



It’s time for our Community Spotlight!

For those new to the forum or who missed the last Spotlight, we nominate someone to win a prize for their engagement in the forums every couple of weeks. There are multiple ways to qualify such as giving us detailed bug reports (including app and firmware versions), awesome video contributions, or community helpfulness. After someone wins, they won’t be eligible to win again for 6 months so that everyone has the opportunity to hold the Spotlight. We’re still in the early stages so this may change a bit over time as we fine-tune things but we’ll let you know if that happens.

Our Community Spotlight is going to @Bam this time around! Bam has been super active in our community and helps in the beta category frequently. They help show people around the new features, troubleshoot, and give feedback about ways we can improve the features we’re working on. They also take time to help out in the Ask the Community section.

Thank you, @Bam! I’ll be sending you a PM shortly. You’ll receive a limited edition Wyze Cam v2 as appreciation for your help around here. :slight_smile:


Congratulations @Bam :call_me_hand:t5:


w00t! @Bam!

pinned globally #4


Good job @bam !!


Congrats @Bam. Well deserved!


Congrats @Bam !


@Bam -tastic! :clap::clap:


thank you everyone.

its hard to not wanna be a part of such a great group of people and share our interest in such a great product :smiley:

I look forward to being a part of this group for a very long time ( and getting to see all the amazing things Wyze will do) and of course helping new people join “Da Club”


Good job @bam :+1:


Congrats @Bam

I wonder if Limited Edition means the color of Gwendolyn’s hair. :smile:
You’ll have to post a pic.




I definitely would :heart_eyes:


The funniest part of this for me is that we have been riffing about making wigs for Wyze Cams that look like my hair. Would we have to paint them to match the hair color I have at the point of time that I send them out?


That would be a bright camera haha.


The color has faded closer to a mint green recently since I’m preparing to go over it with purple in the relatively near future. It would be a fun color matching challenge!


I won’t get off topic, last question. How often do you change the color?


Nah, the color in your avatar is fine.
Wyze blue/green?


I plan ahead for the fade so it technically has a continual change but I apply new color at least 4 times a year (sometimes a bit more). My hair is getting long enough where I will be able to start doing the fades I like doing again soon. :slight_smile:, that color is kinda challenging to mix but I hit it at one of the weeks of fading! I was pretty pleased with it.


Congrats @Bam! I’ve seen the one won on Reddit first hand in that community spotlight and can assure you the limited edition is AWESOME!